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Default Problems Burning DVD from Video Editor - Vista Problem?

Having issues trying to burn a DVD from a laptop (Dell) that has Vista-32 on it.

The computer 'will' burn data to the DVD using the explorer window (seems to be some sort of built in Vista burner application/feature). ie: when the disc is put it, it asks if you want to format the blank media in one of two different ways.. one being a "master" type.

However, when trying to burn the dvd from a dvd-authorer (in this case, Sony Vegas Movie Studio) it doesn't burn.. the weird thing is, the program says it's burning the disc, and seems to finish with no errors, but as it does it, you can't hear the anything from the dvd burner. Also tried the software that came with the video camera, in which case it doesn't even reckognize that there is any recordable media in the burner (which there is, as confirmed by the built in 'vista' burning feature).

I'm not an expert, in this stuff, but it almost seems as though there is an issue with Vista and 3rd party applications that are trying to use the burner. Or I guess it could very well be a problem with the video programs. Anyone experience this type of thing before? The most frustrating thing about it, is that the one program doesnt' even show any errors. You'd think if nothing was working, it'd give an error of some type.
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