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Malam November 12, 2008 05:28 PM

Mouse takes forever to load !
My mouse is the last to load. It waits for the Desktop, and all the programmes in the tray to load before it starts to load. I have to wait, and wait, and wait. I don't need to wait until the Sidebar, Audio manager, Network, Firewall ets gets loaded before the mouse can be activated! I have a Logitech Bluetooth MX5000 keyboard and mouse and OS is Vista 32 bit Ultimate. I've changed my firewall and virus check software - Nada. Can I influence what gets loaded first ?

CMetaphor November 12, 2008 06:13 PM

I'm actually a fan of using logitech products Without the drivers. I use an MX518 for gaming with no drivers and an MX revolution without drivers on a different system. Some functionality is lost, but i find the connection speed faster. A friend of mine even has my old Dinovo Bluetooth Kb/Mouse/Keypad kit and doesnt use drivers. Just my two cents.

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