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Old October 25, 2008, 02:06 AM
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Default I HATE flash. And you should too.

Part One

Ok, I am going to start out by posting this here image and then describing wtf happened below along with what I would love to do about it.

Right. You see that?
So I reboot my P5K(after about 17 days running under heavy use each day it stopped recognizing USB storage devices.. just like my Aspire One after around 33 days once (first time for each machine though so I do not know why it happened)) and just after I log in I get that adobe flash player update window. If you know me much you will know that I hate applications assraping the dialup connection I am stuck on. You might also have gathered that I do not at all approve of online applications and akin crap. I hate obnoxious ads, I hate bubbly, bloated, excessively curvy designs, etc.

What I am getting at here is the fact that applications like to check for updates(and in some cases start downloading) without my consent. Not only does this drive me ****ing up the wall but onto the roof as well. I hate this so extremely that I honestly would attack the makers of such shit-apps with a powered soldering iron after an extended waterboarding session.
To sum up, I feel rather strongly on this issue.
adobe reader is a bad one for downloading without permission and the fact that I still cannot find a way to turn it off via it's prefs is not at all pleasant. Even firefox 2 with automatic checking turned off for it and 3rd part crap on multiple occasions tried to do this to me and it left even fewer clues. ...Aside from the bogged internet connection that is. At least FF3 has not tried to pull this on me yet. The first time I run anything I always dig through it's prefs and turn this stuff off.

As you can see in the image, I tried to click the "To change or disable your update notification..." link. It opened Firefox, and it (rather slowly) opened the page. I was expecting something I could change on my computer without needed to access a remote site but no, adobe does not work that way it would seem. This begs the following question: Does it need to connect to check it's prefs before each use or is is just after you boot?
Anyway, as you can see, to turn off automatic updates I first need to update flash player.

*attempting calm deep breath*

Excuse me? What the hell is this!? For me, wanting to turn automatic checking for updates off means that I do NOT want to #@&*ING UPDATE RIGHT NOW!
The simple fact that you need to access some website _just_ to change the settings of some shit on your HDD is _complete_ bull crap. I am not going to and never will update flash player just because a newer version with extra bloat and completely useless "features" is available. The only reason I would end up with a newer version is if it came with an OS and not installing it was not an option or there was a severe and very much active and "in the wild" security threat.

I hate flash in the first place and that will never change. btw AMD, I would like to say that some of your flash ads are a bit over the top in terms of length, same goes for you blizzard.. If I wanted to watch a damn movie I would have gone to the video store and rented something. Hell, even the local library has videos.(support your local libraries folks! They are still useful to us.)

Part two

Moving on, I am looking for a certain type of program that I absolutely loved when I was using Mac OS X as my primary OS.
I love this little program so much I can do nothing but praise it. I would get down on my knees and kiss it's feet(if it had feet). Think about that, this is me and I never do anything like that.

The program I love so much is this:
Little Snitch

I suppose some will just tell me to use the firewall built into windows but I would feel far better having an application designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of doing what LS does with an interface like LS. With the windows firewall(in XP anyway, I have not used Vista) You have to set what specifically the application is allowed to access. I want to set what it is not allowed to access. I want a nice convenient traffic monitor like LS that is shown on the page I linked to.

What is out there for windows that would make a good replacement for Little Snitch?
There has to be something. How else would you people possibly go about your daily computing without something as awesome and hassle free as LS? How could you just sit back and never know/not care just what was sucking up your bandwidth?

I am not _that_ crazy or spoiled by Mac OS X and certain applications for it.. What I am looking for must be available for windows! It must be!
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