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Default Help needed for custom laptop

Hello! I'm looking for some help getting my younger brother-in-law a notebook/laptop to take to university (first-year). Something that's not too expensive, but with enough power to run some residence gaming (fond memories of Counter-strike parties my first year!)

I was going to just go with a standard Dell Inspiron $900 rig (or a similar Studio model), but apparently the current build time is 20+ business days before shipping due to a backlog - give me a break, Dell, I don't want him to wait 5+ weeks to receive it! Anyways, when thinking about other options, I remembered this site & forum that I stumbled upon when dreaming of a new desktop rig earlier this year.

So if anyone can help, I'm looking for a reasonably-priced quality retailer/builder who can whip up a laptop in less time than Dell (and with better quality). I'm hoping someone on these boards knows a good custom place to get something like this made in time for him to take it to school on Aug 28th if possible. And a Canadian shop would be great too.

I was hoping to equip it with XP as I have no love for Vista or the brutal Office 2007, but maybe I am out of luck by now. (and as XP is bring phased out will be the way of the future, maybe it's a moot point) In any case, here are some ideas for specs (suggestions appreciated!):

- Slim enough weight and dimensions to be useful both in class and in his residence room
- 4GB memory (no sluggish Vista!)
- decent graphics power (perhaps something more than an onboard solution), but nothing too special needed -- enough to play the usual suspect FPS games and C&C, but not WoW/Crysis or any MMOs.
- good quality LCD display (I know these can be variable on laptops) either 15" or 17"
- reasonably good battery life
- up-to-date wi-fi card
- $1000 or less price tag (if possible!)

Thanks in advance for the help!

(PS - if anyone knows of a good docking system solution, I'd appreciate knowing that too - I was looking at this bundle from Dell, Dell : Kensington Special Bundle: Kensington SD100S Notebook Docking Station with Stand, Logitech EX 90 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and Logitech X240 Speaker with MP3 Player Stand : Speakers & Headphones : Home & Home Office

(I'm proud to note that I was able to get Day of Defeat: Source up and running smoothly at home here this weekend on our computer featuring a paltry 2gb memory and no video card, so I guess you can make anything work with the right configuration! )
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