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andynerd July 29, 2008 09:20 AM

old cicero project
I have an old cicero it is from 2002 it has 992 mb of ram a 2.4ghz cpu (p4 and overclockable to 3.5ghz from bios) and a 120 gb harddrive. and beleive it or not this old thing has a single PCI-Express x16 slot. anyway Is this thing savable? i was wondering if i overclocked it added new ram overclocked the ram and got a nice 8800gt graphics card it might be savable? Or would it just be a waste of money? my goal is to be able to run say unreal tournament 3 and gears of war at a good fps.

i know this is the wrong section but i couldn't find any other place to post this :P

SKYMTL July 29, 2008 10:50 AM

Can you post up specs of the PSU? Also, are you SURE it has a PCI-E x16 slot? I ask because Intel only PRESENTED the spec in 2004....

andynerd July 29, 2008 12:11 PM

graphics controller for my
and it was purchased in 2004 sorry i was looking at the date when windows was licenced

SKYMTL July 29, 2008 12:27 PM

Still need to know those PSU specifications. There is a label on the side of the power supply and on it there should be a +12V indicator. Under that or next to that there should be a value in Amps (A). What is that value? Or you could just take a picture of it....

andynerd July 29, 2008 01:32 PM

OOOOOOOOOOOo PSU i thought you said gpu ahah sorry blond moment anyway it is 5 amps

ebdoradz July 29, 2008 01:48 PM

holy shit 5amp only??? are you sure?

i have a 200W psu and it has 9amp ...

andynerd July 29, 2008 01:51 PM

yup 5 amps and this computer is like 5 years old and it was top of the line then O-o

ebdoradz July 29, 2008 01:55 PM

that PSU sure wont fit a 8800GT

Mibs July 29, 2008 02:10 PM

5 A on the 12V? Wow. You can get some pretty cheap dual cores right now. That old P4 just won't perform like you want it to even if it is OC'ed to 3.5 GHz. What kind of cooler is on it? 3.5 with the stock cooler in an old cicero case with probably one 80mm fan seems kind of unreachable. I've had a few of those pcs myself. One collects dust and the other is an old linux box. Also what kind of ram is it? DDR or DDR2? That makes a big difference as well.

andynerd July 29, 2008 02:41 PM

DDR2 i think it is at 333mhz but i am not sure thats what it says on the bios

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