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Shadowarez October 4, 2013 01:58 AM

Beastly Ivy-E 4960X Build
Hi everyone love the site. We'll straight to bidness I'm Building a new Monster Rig my last one Bit the dust a few months back so I bought a cheapo Acer for now.

My last home built rig was a q6600 OCed to hell and corsair Dominator memory that at time cost $898 for 4 gigs.

Here is the list of parts iv picked out and some iv already bought.

1.Asus Rive IV BE
2.Intel 4960X (own)
3.Evga Super Nova 1500watt Enthusiast (own)
4.Cooler Master Cosmos II(own)
5.Asus Raidr Exspress 256gig (OS)
6.Samsung 840pro 256x2 (Apps/Games)
7.Samsung Eco 1TB (Backup)
8.Asus Titan Gtx x2
9.Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gig
10.corsair iH100 calc

Any ideas or comments on opposed build I'm thinking Titans till I see better come out. I'll be using single monitor as all nice 120Hz monitors seem to be unable to pass QC and not either bleed Like stuck pig or burn a halo or oval around IR emitter.

Dzzope October 4, 2013 02:24 AM

Dual Titans is overkill for a single screen unless your running 2560x 1440 or 1600, Wait for the new radions.. Their frame pacer driver seems to work and new cards should be available by the end of the month with Titan or near performance at just over half the cost.

Other comment would be to get a custom loop on that thing. All those parts put out allot of heat and you have the rig (and seemingly the funds) to get a really nice custom loop going to keep it all chilly and quiet.

BTW, what are you using this for?
If just gaming / general usage (not encoding / rendering / benching allot etc) Then you really like your overkill lol.

Shadowarez October 4, 2013 02:46 AM

Waiting till monitor tech is back on track so people can buy high performance monitors without a single issue. I'll be Recoding my Blue-Ray movies to my Home Nas. Plus I'll be doing some 3D Work here there on Off days. The Eco Drive I was going to use as Backup image of IS and Virtual Machines. The other Sammys I wanna Raid if my mobo will support trim and GC through Raid.

Dzzope October 4, 2013 04:27 AM

Ok reasonable use then :)

If you want good monitor, look at the really nice new 30" IPS from dell. That and / or a lightboost one for gaming..
I'm using the cheaper 27" from dell and it's just not quite smooth enough in faster paced games so I'm thinking of replacing my 23" IPS with a lightboost for gaming on :)

It would also go some way to justifying the dual Titans (or similar)

On the Titans, I wouldn't bother... Dual 780 DCII's would be my pick or the EVGA classified.. Asus being IMO the better but the EVGA has a tool for unlocking the silly low voltage cap nvidia put on the card.
The Lightning is too much money IMO but still better than a Titan. (have dual stock 780's myself and they easily OC to Titan levels.. and thats apart from the new Radions which are a bit of an unknown at this point)

Only thing about the 780 vs the Titan is that you lose the double precision processing the Titan brings but if it's not something you use then there is no real issue.
Even if after seeing the new Radions you still want team green at least you should save some as they are set to under-cut the Nvidia cards on price while apparently matching them for performance.

Another option would be tri-sli 770's.. less money and about the same performance of dual titans?

Shadowarez October 4, 2013 05:09 AM

Nice been looking at evga 780's to boost power by 200%.But personally still don't trust myself with watercooling.

As for monitor heard Dells New 30" is wicked.

Been wanting that Asus 27" but read up on it before dropping nearly $600 on it all the bleed issues and burn ins around emitter.

Atm I have a Sony PlayStation 24" 3D monitor works well enough but really want something to pump least 120 fps through for pure gaming speed.

Have a separate tv for Blue-Ray 240Hz viewing and Ps4 when comes out.

Only wanted Titans as they have 6gig frame buffer and thought they'd push 120Hz / Fps without breaking a sweat.

Shadowarez October 4, 2013 05:15 AM

Anyone know of retailer has the Asus Raidr Exspress in Canada? I can't order from New Egg for some reason they can't explain shipping cost to me is about 100% price of product sometimes 300%.

Like my Cosmos II from Newegg would have cost me $953 so I looked around got one from best buy free shipping $328.

I asked ncix but the response was put a product request in forums.

Slik October 4, 2013 06:02 AM

The only thing I would change for that build is the CPU cooler. Get the Swiftech H220 liquid cooler. That thing is a BEAST of a cooler and runs dead silent.

Shadowarez October 4, 2013 06:13 AM

Yeah forgot to mention I plan on Ocing that cpu to at least 4.5Ghz maybe more if the ram I chose plays nice with the IMC.

I looked up clcs it came to Corsair iH100 or swiftech one heard good bad things bout both mostly about iH100 sounding like someone tossed a cat and toaster in blender.

Figured by time it came to ordering cooling they'd have fixed faulty pumps and or noise issues. But Im all for quieter cooling as I plan on filling my Cosmos II with some Noctunas. Even replacing stock fans in psu and clc cooler and rad fans.

Dzzope October 4, 2013 06:37 AM

The frame buffer really has less to do with the fps and more to do with detail and res.

Check out the Lightboost Thread in displays.. worth a look if you like your smooth gaming.

P.S, isn't swiftec releasing a dual pump 360mm rad AIO?

SAS October 4, 2013 10:06 AM

If you spend all that $$ then I would get a beastly custom water loop and forget about the h100i - I made a new rig and that was the best thing I did - a custom loop - now I cant stop wanting to expand it!

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