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cndian June 1, 2013 08:39 PM

Good Gaming monitor for my Titan
So, just built new computer with Nvidia Titan. I can't seem to decide what monitor I should get to show off what the Titan can do. Do I use high resolution TN or vibrant colors of an IPS etc... I would like to stay 27 inches or more. I do a fair bit of gaming in World of Tanks and EVE online. I am dabbling in the new Neverwinter and thinking about getting into Defiance.
Any ideas?

Spblue June 1, 2013 08:50 PM

If you intend to play EVE, if you go with a 2.5k monitor, get a 30 inches. I have a 30" Dell IPS monitor with res of 2560x1600 and, even with maximum UI scaling, the text in EVE is hard to read. I can't imagine how bad it would be on a 27" with the even higher pixel density.

The good thing with the coming 4k monitors is that it will force games to use truly scaleable UIs.

cndian June 1, 2013 08:54 PM

But 4k monitors have response times of 8ms or more. That would be too noticeable when gaming

Soullessone21 June 1, 2013 08:58 PM


All you need to know :)

Spblue June 1, 2013 09:15 PM

That's going to get fixed as the technology matures. I'm glad we're finally seeing some movement on the resolution issue. The "HD" of 1920x1080 killed any improvement in resolution for such a long time. Anyway, for the UI issue I mentionned, it's just that I'm glad that "pixel" type user interfaces are going to be phased out. They never scale well. Even at 2560x1600, many games with fixed UI are impossible to play, but the resolution is rare so many developpers don't bother. With 4k getting popular in a year or two, they won't be able to ignore it any longer.

At least now we're going to be moving to vector UIs, which should solve the problem once and for all.

lowfat June 1, 2013 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by Soullessone21 (Post 712707)

Yup. If gaming is the priority Lightboost is the way to go. IPS looks like poo in comparison.

cndian June 1, 2013 10:29 PM

So, 120hz and lightboost would be better for me than IPS 1440p? Even if I do not do FPS games like BF3 (my yes are getting too old for first person shooters now :)? I am just looking to get the best video quality I can, with my Titan, out of the games that I do play (such as World of Tanks, EVE online, NEverwinter online, maybe Defiance etc...)

Dzzope June 1, 2013 11:12 PM

Have to say that I game perfectly well on my U2713hm.. I would probably go for a 120/144hz screen if I played more FPS games like I used to but then I also use my computer for media, browsing, lil bit of editing etc so the IPS is a better fit for me.

If I had the funds I would be tempted to go for 1 of each.. Games where ghosting is an issue go for the 120hz, otherwise the IPS high-res and have whatever one isn't being used for the games as a desktop screen on the side.
Would require a huge desk and possibly fiddling with profiles so that you could easily switch between which as your primary display (many games will chose the primary without option to change) and possibly mounting the monitors on swing-arms so that you can move them to be directly in front of you while playing.. but hey, you bought a Titan for eve and world of tanks. :P

Squeetard June 2, 2013 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Dzzope (Post 712725)
Have to say that I game perfectly well on my U2713hm..

You only think you do because you haven't tried a 120hz monitor with lightboost yet.

I can't stress this enough. If you game you need this. Period.

I bought the ASUS V278HE and promptly sold my Dell U2711. Accurate color and higher rez makes no difference to me when all movement is blurry. I have lightboost on all the time and installed the smooth scroll plugin for chrome and now web surfing and movie watching is a joy. The colors may not be dead on accurate but I never notice this and the colors are good anyways.

KylSp June 2, 2013 09:54 AM

IPS or bust, EVE is not about twitch graphics.

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