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Old July 5, 2013, 10:17 AM
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Lightboost is an enhancement made for 3D. The blur free motion was a happily discovered side effect of running in 2D with lightboost on.

RJ, in game. stand close to a wall with a poster or something and strafe left and right, without touching the mouse. Can you still read the poster or does it wash right out? Simple test.
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Old July 5, 2013, 10:28 AM
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My System Specs


^^^ Ill give that a try ;)

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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
60hz IPS monitor:
[photo of abacus]

120hz lightboost monitor:
[photo of supercomputer]

P.S. For LightBoost is very monitor dependant about the amount of color change you get in LightBoost. I own both an ASUS VG278H (not HE) and a BENQ XL2411T, and found that I get less/minor LightBoost degradation with the VG278H than with the XL2411T. Somebody said the VG278H was slightly better than VG278HE due to the different LCD controller it uses and there are much less inversion artifacts (Lagom's pixel walk test pattern). I have to undo the gamma bleach (washout) via nVidia Control Panel, lower the nVidia Control Panel Gamma down to approximately 0.85, but the colors look much better on the VG278H, just dimmer (On the VG278H, almost exactly same colors without LightBoost at approximately ~Gamma +0.20; and non-LB ~Brightness=30%). IPS has better color; good for PhotoShop and Visual Studio. But for fast gaming, and gaming with lots of panning, nothing on the market (except CRT) beats the motion clarity of LightBoost -- it was measured to have 85% to 92% less motion blur than the best 60Hz IPS at the moment. e.g. Where you got about 10 pixels of motion blur during fast motion (e.g. half screen width per second movement), there is only 1 pixel of motion blur.

Overall, my eyes prefer the LightBoost as the motion clarity outweighs the minor picture change on the VG278H. For more information about adjusting LightBoost picture, see the LightBoost FAQ.
Several websites including TFTCentral, Ars Technica, AnandTech, and others, have covered LightBoost, in media coverage.

Make sure you:
(1) Have enough GPU power for 120fps @ 120Hz. If you don't have enough GPU power, test out older games (e.g. Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2, etc).
(2) Test out fast panning movements (strafing, turning left/right, running while looking at floor/cieling, etc)
(3) Test out Adaptive VSYNC too. In certain games, that works better using LightBoost (smoother), especially for solo gameplay if you don't need the minor input lag reduction that VSYNC OFF gives.

The easiest way to turn on/off LightBoost is the new ToastyX Strobelight utility.
(No tweaks, registry, or inf files).

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