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Old May 15, 2013, 04:28 PM
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Default First Time Build

I am interested in building a desktop. I currently have the Asus G73jh but I am having problems with it and I would like to upgrade instead of paying for the ridiculous repair bill. My budget is $1500-$2000. I am open to both Intel and AMD. I will be using the computer mostly for gaming and a bit of multi media. 1080p monitor if that helps as well. Any and all help is appreciated!

Thanks All!!!
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Old May 16, 2013, 01:16 AM
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My System Specs


Pretty standard build of z77 motherboard, look for one with the features you want at a decent price, 120 - 160 is the sweet spot,
If your based in canada MSI and Asus have rma centres to make any problems you may face as easy to deal with as possible. I'd go MSI personally as Asus are quite expensive these days but either is good.

3570k for the processor.
Grab a custom cooler of your choice, preferences vary but on the cheap side the Hyper 212 from coolermaster pops up time and time again
If your want something more exotic the Corsair H80i would be my pick (great warranty and similar performance to others of similar spec))

8GB - 16GB ram, I'd probably go 16GB as your budget should allow for it easily. I'd get something like G.skill sniper or similar.. basically get 1600mhz (or even 1866 if there isn't much in the price difference) cl9.

120 - 256 GB SSD. Go bigger, 120 fills fast and you don't want a full SSD or the hassle of moving stuff around constantly.
Corsair Netron GTX is a good choice and price other very good options are Intel 520, Sandisk Extreme, OCZ Vector and Samsung 840 Pro.

HDD, 2TB WD Blue should do you quite some time and WD make solid drives. I would avoid Seagate barracudas.. 1 yr warranty is not great (unless they changed it recently)

Case is personal preference, Corsair, Coolermaster, Fractal, NZXT and Bitfnix are all very good brands and highly reccomended.. Check out reviews and pick one that you like the look an features of.

PSU.. If you want to play with dual cards at some point get a 750-850 watt if not then a 550 watt will be good.
Go for gold or higher rated and Something seasonic based will be solid(corsair, xfx) NZXT do good ones too along with some others but Seasonic corsair xfx (all seasonic) should be very very good and decent value too.

Unless you use disks reasonably often I wouldn't even bother with a cd drive and if you don't already watch blu-rays then it's pointless to get one of those either as it'll most likely sit there un-used

Graphics.. you should be able to afford a 680 on your budget and at 1080p it'll last a few years at least before you'll have to start turning any settings down.
If you want to save a bit a 670 is fairly close in performance and quite a bit cheaper (I'm currently running games at 1560x1440 on one with a second 1080 desktop screen and it JUUUSSSTS about manages it with a sever OC, at 1080 it's cool, quiet and runs perfectly)
Other option is 7970. About the price of a 670 and MUCH more raw power.
That said many people report more problems with drivers and frame drops and inconsistent performance across games with them.. again research and find which suits you.

Monitor.. depends what you want. I play games, watch movies, fiddle with photography etc on my pc and as such I find an IPS panel is better for me more of the time than the Slightly smoother TN panels.
That said if you want 120hz (either for 3d or super smooth frames) then TN is your only real choice.. again this is personal preference and you'll have to decide.
You can get 1080 IPS panels fairly cheap these days, Dell, LG, Asus etc all have 23" ones at reasonable prices.

If you need it for mouse, Logitec G700 I find awesome, either plugged in or wireless (for watching movies) plenty of buttons, solidly built(apart from 1 hard to reach button which dosn't always register clicks but meh, has plenty of others) and comfortable.

Keyboard, Mechanical is awesome BUT expensive. Personally I have a Cheap Cherry keyboard that feels some-where between mechanical and the cheaper ones but at a fraction of the cost it's plenty good.
Do you want programmable keys? back-lit etc etc.. again research into the different options and make your own informed decision.

If you want I'll put a build together on pcpartpicker later but you should start from the above and find out what you want yourself.. whether you would be happier spending less and being sufficient or whether you want to blow your budget and get the best you can which should last a little bit longer.
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Old May 17, 2013, 03:49 PM
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Default Big thanks

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!!!
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