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Old May 14, 2013, 05:16 PM
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My System Specs

Arrow new 3570k, p8z77-v, gtx670ftw builder seeking your input

greetings brothers and sisters,

my build specs hopefully are attached..
I am about to be receiving the parts this week and intend to build a gaming/media source pc for home.
a couple questions:
1) how should I go about configuring my drives? I'd like the SSD to be my OS and a few games drive while my HDD holds my media storage and all non gaming info basically.
2) Another question relating to HDD- is it unsafe to plug my old Vista32 HDD in as a 3rd drive in this kit?I've never used multiple drives before and I intend on researching this more as I haven't gotten to it in depth yet.. my apologies if it's an ignoramus question
3) should I update my BIOS or any other drivers in my motherboard? my research is telling me that asus BIOS updates have been horrendous..
4) do you see any hardware discrepancies requiring a BIOS upgrade? Will my gaming experience wane with the lack of BIOS and mobo driver upgrades?

I'm obviously a first time builder, so my knowledge base is limited, but my interest has never been greater. I'll eventually know 'why' computers work.. for now, I'll just do like most people and try and learn what pieces work with what other pieces

thank you kindly for any time you're willing to give to some stranger on the webs

ps. i'll try and check back with the website on Friday if not earlier. again, thanks in advance
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Old May 15, 2013, 04:38 AM
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My System Specs


Wipe the old drive first (put in a install disk, boot off it, delete partition, re-create it and then do a full(not fast) formatt)

In the storage section there is a Sticky written by AKG.. follow it for optimal SSD set-up.

Check what version of BIOS the board comes with, if it's old then you are probably better to update it.

NEVER use a driver that comes on a Disc for anything if at all possible. Go to manufacturers site and download the latest.
Save yourself headaches later and get them before you start building and make sure you re-name them to something that you'll recognise.

As for the build, Just a few tips. Try to prepare a decent sized working area. 6 person dining table is about right. (Gives some spare room)
Ground yourself on a radiator or something before you start handling components and try not to wear something that generates lots of static.
Generally hold components by the edge of the PCB (Memory, motherboard etc)
Make sure you check the case for burrs, miss-aligned mount points etc before putting in the motherboard (and mount any cooler bracket and back-plate first)
Make sure everything is securely mounted but avoid excessive force, Some things can be quite stiff so the line can be quite fine in this)
Take time with cable routing, make sure it's reasonably organised and tidy. This will help you with future upgrades / changes and keep your build neat and allow much better air-flow.
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