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rjbarker April 27, 2013 06:12 PM

Procyon Re-Born ...Not Really..a Face Lift!!
Moderators, sorry please move to Mods, Gallery and Build Logs! :thumb:

Well, started just before lunch and finished a little while ago. I can actually see my Mobo (Classified 759 LE), first time since the birth :whistle:

Tore the rig completely apart (lots of dust), replaced the old TRUE with Push / Pull 120mm Fans with an H100i Cooler (very easy to install, but did note that after fastening the Backplate, it is quite loose until you secure the Pump / Heat Sink assembly).

Got a tad lazy and used the TIM already on the Heat Sink, wouldn't normally do this, but also seems alright. Last TIM I bought and used on my 980X and 580 GPU's was IC Diamond, but didnt see it available at NCIX :blarg:

Went with Noctua NF F12's, would have liked to have arranged 4 Fans in a push / pull configuration, but my Mosfet Heat pipe cooler on my Classified Mobo prevented this....

Had to use my jigsaw and a good steel cutting blade as one of the Mobo Tray Angle Brackets prevented me from sliding the mobo into the Case after installing the Radiator, but all is good, my Black n Decker worked well :punk:

Thankfully I was able to get the Rad mounting brackets for the TJ09...thanks Sugar!

Arranged with fans on the top of the Radiator forcing air from outside the Case through and the radiator into the Case....6 to one half a dozen the other I think. Seems backwards to use the air in the case over the Rad for CPU Cooling. (intake instead of exhaust, seems alright).

My 980X is showing around 25 24 21 23 30 34 at idle @ 4.25 Ghz, a little kick of Prime saw 59 to 70c....I'm happy so far! Room Temp is 22c.





The old behemoth (although it worked well over the past 3-4 yrs)....


The aftermath...I'll tidy it up tomorrow :whistle:






No...the 140mm Xiggy in the Window of my TJ09 is not standard, was a little "Mod" I did back when I was experimenting with Tri SLi to allow more fresh air into the Case :shok:

PS Forgot how much fun it is ripping and tearing its been awhile. Now I know that my 100i will work in my TJ09 I will be going with a RIVE and a 3930k soon, glad I dont need a new Case right away. :thumb:

When I get my RIVE and 3930k, I'll finally get around to painting the Mobo Tray Flat Black!!!

Dzzope April 28, 2013 02:26 AM

Personally I would switch the fans to push through the rad and out of the case as you'll see very little difference in temps on the cpu either way however your dumping the heat into the case with all your other components and your air cooled GPU's But nice build anyway.

rjbarker April 28, 2013 09:20 AM

Thanks, as said 6 to one half a dozen the other.
For every config arranged the way I did it , there's Asante arranged the other way.

Still can't see the "reasoning" in pushing warm air over the Rad, other than "dumping" warm air into the case, I've had this TJ09 for 5yrs, it's amazing at expelling warm air when set up in a positive pressure config.

The RAM cooler works well keeping the north bridge in check, and I have noticed no increase at all in the GPU temps, although the Classified's stay quite cool even under full load and effectively expel air out the back of the case.


Masteroderus April 28, 2013 06:50 PM


She is a beaut

rjbarker April 28, 2013 07:25 PM

^^ Thank you Sir...she has been on a constant upgrade path :)

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