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Old March 26, 2013, 09:57 PM
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My System Specs

Default Beto's 2013 new Performance PC build

Greetings folks,

Iíve been searching the hardware market for some time now for all the necessary Components & Accessories for my 2013 new Performance PC build. I have specific purposes and many ideas for this Performance PC. Itís been a long road, but finally here it is!

Of course, first the mandatory Q&A section:

1. What will YOUR PC be used for; meaning what types of tasks you'll be performing?
A: It would mainly perform 2 tasks:
Workstation: Programming, Visual & Network design, Encoding, Video editing, File server, etc.;
High end Gaming: FPS (BF3), RTS (SCII), Driving & Flight Simulators (NFS:MW / Lock On Platinum), RPG (Deus Ex: HR), etc.

Talking more in detail, High Quality & Performance and Compatibility without compromise is the name of the game here:
∑ Load times and Copy/write times must be kept to a minimum;
∑ Multitasking is a must, say 5 to 7 tasks: Compiling a program, Encoding a Video, Copying files, Gaming, Burning a DVD or Blu-Ray, etc.;
∑ Visually stunning.

2. How much is YOUR budget? A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread.
A: Total available budget:
$3,800.00 (USD), Hardware;
∑ Up to $250.00 (USD), Shipping fees.

Iíve chosen a Standard warranty for all components.

3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from?
A: Iíll be purchasing most components from:
United States of America @ Amazon.com;
Honduras: the UPS and the DVD+/-RW drive will be purchased @ a local PC Hardware store (ACOSA ACOSA - Products).

NOTE: Perhaps you may ask, Why only Amazon.com? Answer: No other hardware site would accept my Credit card, Iíve been purchasing there since Q1 2008 and I have free shipping with Amazon PRIME.

4. Do YOU have a brand preference?
A: Yes, I do favor some brands due to my experience using their products. To mention a few:
Intel (CPUs & Motherboards);
Corsair (DDR Memory);
Zalman (CPU coolers);
Western Digital (HDD);
Thermaltake (PSU);
NZXT (PC Chassis);
Cooler Master (Chassis Fans);
Creative Labs (Headsets);
Logitech (Mice).

Nevertheless, Iím willing to try new brands if a particular product proves its worth.

5. Do YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, which are those parts?
A: No. Itís a new build, so all parts will be brand new; except my Saitek keyboard and my copy of Win7 x64 Ultimate (system builder).

6. Do YOU have searched and/or read similar threads?
A: If by this youíre asking if I have taken my time to do my homework, then YES. Iíve researched every single component, starting with the CPU which determined the Motherboard and everything else, to finally the Logistics. I went through dozens of online Site reviews / Video reviews, hundreds of Customer reviews @ Newegg, TigerDirect & Amazon, and many Forum posts. I even called the manufacturers.

I mean itís my hard earned money Iíll be spending. I must first know everything I can about a product: Performance, compatibility, quality & the Peopleís (customers) approval, and then compare it to similar products to make an informed decision. Purchasing a product without first doing a proper research would be like walking blindfold; I donít recommend it (unless youíre Riddick or have a bottomless budget).

7. Do YOU plan on overclocking or runnning the system at default speeds?
A: The System would remain on Default speeds on the first 3 months for system monitoring purposes, and then I would gradually Overclock it up to the highest point where thermals, acoustics and general System stability are not compromised. According to my research, a 25% to 40% Overclock itís within the possibilities.

My overclocking experience level itís just theoretical from my research, since Iíve only slightly overclocked a GPU once many years ago. This new overclocking experience should prove very interesting and beneficial to my general PC Hardware knowledge.

8. WHEN do you plan to build it?
A: If all components are available for immediate purchase and Logistics are on time, Iíve scheduled for it to be assembled on Saturday, April the 27th or May the 4th, 2013. Iíve asked a friend for assistance.

Iíve already purchased some components like the GPU, PSU, Monitor & Wireless Router. The rest of the components could be bought next week (1st week of April) since it would take them approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

9. What resolution and settings do you use?
A: Iím used to play all games with all video settings @ max including AA.

10. Are there any specific technologies you want?
A: Iíll just mention a few:
∑ Hyper threading, RAM disk, SSD & Hybrid (SATA III), USB 3.0, PCIe 3.0, SLI, PhysX, 3D Vision, Dolby 7.1 Surround sound, WiFi, Hardware level monitoring & control, Silent Performance air cooling, etc.

Iím not really interested in:
∑ All-in-one memory Card readers, water cooling, eyfinity, audio card, etc.

Talking about other details:

I. Do you need to purchase any software to go with the system, such as Windows or Blu Ray playback software?
A: No.

II. What are YOUR priorities for your build?
A: In order:
a) Quality;
b) Compatibility;
c) High Performance;
d) Ease of Maintenance;
e) Upgradeability.

III. Whatís your Noise & Power consumption expectancy?
A: Itís important for this PC to be as silent as possible and power consumption should be kept within reasonable parameters.

IV. Is this your 1st build ever?
A: No, this is my 2nd time researching the hardware market for a performance build; my 1st build was in Q1, 2008 (the PC Iím currently using).

Now on to the fun part, hereís the list of the Components Iíve researched and chosen for my 2013 new Performance PC build, with Part # & Price (@ Amazon.com, 03/26/2013):

1. Intelģ Coreô i7-3930K [BX80619I73930K] | $565.70;
2. ASUS Sabertooth X79 | $339.00;
3. G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) [F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH] | $148.99;
4. Noctua NH-D14 [SE2011] | $79.24;
5. Intelģ SSD 520 240GB [SSDSC2CW240A3K5] | $254.98;
6. Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive [STBD750100] | $139.95;
7. EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW Edition [02G-P4-2678-KR] | $431.99;
8. CORSAIR Professional Seriesô AX1200i 1200 Watt [CP-9020008-NA] | $279.99;
9. NZXT Phantom 820 Gunmetal [CA-PH820-G1] | $247.99;
10. Acer HN274Hbmiiid 27" 3D [HN274H BMIIID] | $444.99;
11. Headset:
Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1 Surround [981-000257] | $99.99;
Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D and Omega Wireless (Bundle) [GH0200] | $219.02;
12. Logitech G700 Wireless Laser [910-001436] | $70.94;
13. APC SMC1500 Smart-UPS [SMC1500] | @ Local hardware store: $445.00 (free shipping);
14. ASUS RT-N66U Dark Knight Dual-Band Wireless-N900 [RT-N66U] | $169.99;
15. Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Adapter [AE3000] | $47.91;
16. Lite-On Super AllWrite 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Drive [IHAS124-04] | $17.99.

Accessories and misc hardware list:

a) Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound with ArctiClean [ARTICOMBO] | $12.89;
b) 12" SATA 6GBPS Extension Cable [GC12ARMF] | $5.10;
c) EVGA GTX 680 FTW Backplate [M021-00-00009] | $19.99;
d) NZXT Premium Cables Starter Kit [AC-CBSTR-O1] | $22.29;
e) ULTRA Silicone Anti-vibration PSU gasket [ULT40450] | $4.50;
f) Silverstone Tek Four-in-One SATA Power Connectors [CP06] (Cable management) | $10.99;
g) Noctua 140mm Premium Fan [NF-A14 FLX] (used as Pivot fan) | $19.99;
h) Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Fan [R4-MFJR-07FK-R1] (used as top Exhaust fan) | $18.35;
i) Velcro Reusable Self-Gripping Ties, 50 pack [90924] (Cable management) | $3.78;
j) C2G Releasable/Reusable Cable Ties [43221] (Cable management) | $5.99;
k) KingWin Anti-Static Wrist Strap [ATS-W24] | $4.76;
l) OP/TECH USA Large Work Mat [3611242] | $11.51;
m) Corsair Vengeance MM600 Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat [CH-9000017-WW] | $39.99;
n) Sennheiser HH 10 Headphone Holder [510615] | $25.01;
o) Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 [DTSE9H/16GBZ] | $9.99;
p) Philips LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Cleaner [SVC1116F/27] | $8.99;
q) C2G Cat6 Patch Cable 2mt. [27152] | $4.55;
r) Antec USB-Powered NotebookWireless Router Cooler | $29.99.

Your expert advice, suggestions and comments regarding my project will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Old March 26, 2013, 11:11 PM
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My System Specs


Looks good, is that 27" monitor 2560 x 1440 Res?
I'm rebuilding by Rig soon as well and going with X79. Asus RIVE is what I'm looking at, the RIV Formula I believe is a tad better mobo then the Sabertooth.
Why the 670?, fora few bucks more straight to a 680, ensure the 680 Backplate is compatible with the 670 (I see you havehe backplate listed)
Also, consider the Corsair H100i for cooling.

Have fun!! Post a build log ;)

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My System Specs


Okay so lets go through the list here.
1. Fine it is a workstation first and foremost I guess you could probably use the extra performance.
2. A tad expensive and probably overkill for a beginner but you do live in a hot moist place so it won't hurt.
3. Memory is super expensive, honestly the difference between that ram and a $70 16gb kit will be less than 5% and will cost half the price (I am trying to free up money for a better GPU since the 670 probably wont cut it for very long).
4. Good cooler, again expensive but you live in a warm place so you might need it.
5. Probably best Sata SSD for the mainstream, good choice.
6. You really don't need a hybrid drive because you have the SSD and you plan on running a ramdisk so I would save $40 and get a 1tb single platter HDD
7. Lets bump this up to a EVGA GTX 680 FTW
8. This is super overkill, upgradeability is listed as your last priority so I assume you aren't planing on going tri/quad SLI so I really don't think you need this, an AX850i will give you enough power for a pair of 680's with an overclocked CPU so I would save yourself the ~100$ unless you plan on going quad/tri SLI.
9. Very nice case, if I had money I would buy one myself.
10. DO not get this monitor, 27" at 1920x1080 will look like crap take the money you saved on the PSU and a few other parts further on and upgrade to 2560x1440. No point in spending a ton of money to make your computer render nice images and then look at them on a crappy monitor.
11. I wouldn't get either of those headsets... Wireless really isn't great.
12. You really don't want a wireless gaming mouse if you plan on playing online/like to do as well as you possibly can. Anything else this mouse offers that you really want? If not you can save like $20.
13. I really know nothing about that unit.
14. I don't know what your internet speed is and that is a great router but unless you have a server you plan on sending a lot of files to locally it is most definitely not offering you anything a $100 Asus router isn't offering you since your internet won't come anywhere near to saturating it.
15. It is expensive and generally Sata is cheaper and better than USB but I don't know if you have another use for PCI/E slots.
16. Sure.


A. Sure.
B. I don't think you will need this.
C. I know it looks nice but I would cut it so you can get a better monitor. Also kind of deceptive that your 670 will have a backplate on it that says 680. You do know EVGA makes a 670 backplate for the FTW.
D. You don't need the extensions, the AX series come with nicely sleeved PSU cables and they should be long enough.
E. Sure.
F. Again you really don;t need to buy these, they will come with your system 4 in one is standard these days.
G. Expensive fan, not really necessary you could go cheaper and keep it close to the same noise level.
H. Sure.
I. Sure
J. Sure.
K. You live in Honduras, it is humid there and you really don't need it, just don't build on a wool carpet and touch something grounded before you touch your components (your PSU plugged into the wall for example).
L. You really don't need this.
M. Sure.
N. Sure you seem to like things clean
O. Sure.
P. You shouldn't need this, a damp cloth is more than adequate, just use a dry cloth afterwards and it won't streak.
Q. Sure.
R. Sure.
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Old March 27, 2013, 01:40 AM
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Or, I have another idea, you can just give me all of that cash and I can take a vacation and buy some wome...I mean, find a few dates.... yes...that's what I meant....

To be honest, that's one hell of a big list, and I don't see much in the way of giving you advice, other than "don't do wireless peripherals" Logitech makes solid mice, I love my G9x. For a headset, I usually recommend to stay away from ones marketed as "gaming headsets." Even the pricey ones don't seem to do the justice they claim to. Go for a solid pair of Sennheisers and get that clip-on Zalman mic. Those two alone with change your perspective on gaming.

Also, unless you plan on expanding your system with multiple GPUs in the future, I think an 850 watter would suffice and then some.
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My System Specs


Hello there, thanks for your advice and the Dollars saved here.

Like I said:
ďIíve already purchased some components (listed) like the GPU, PSU, Monitor (for 120Hz & 3D) & Wireless Router (remember one of its planned tasks would be a File server)Ö Ē
and have them currently installed on my old LGA775 Core 2 Quad PC for testing purposes.

UPGRADES: Iím planning first in SLI and then 3-way SLI. SSD RAID0, RAM Disk, more storage space, just to mention some.

Those extra Watts should prove useful for my future upgrades.

Regarding Audio, as you might have noticed from my 2 options, Iím looking for a Dolby 7.1 Surround sound Wireless headset. Yes, I said Wireless; Iím tired of tangling cables. I searched the market and there arenít many options out there and no possibilities to try them out simply 'cause none of them are available locally.

I need those extra ďGĒ keys and software of the G700 and not really going wireless by keeping it corded.

I called EVGA Costumer support which they confirmed that the GTX 680 FTW backplate itís compatible with the EVGA GeForce 670 FTW and once installed I won't see it until next hardware maintenance session. The EVGA GeForce 670 FTW Backplate itís not available @ Amazon.com.

No cable extensions? OK, thanks! The PSU cables are long enough.
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My System Specs


Time is running out and I need to order soon the PC Components and Parts in order to fulfill the planned schedule. Any other thoughts regarding my Performance PC build?
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My System Specs


if you do a lot of video editing i am going to recommend you try to find a way to get more ram. i have a similar setup, but with 32 gigs. its still pretty easy to run out of memory in after effects and end up slogging through disk cache on one of my mechanical storage drives (which isnt terrible, but its a lot nicer just being able to work from ram and have near instant previews). i dont do as much video as i used to, so its not really a huge issue, but if i was working on it all day i would have gone with a 64 gb kit without question. i still might if money permits a relatively non-essential upgrade at some point in the future. i also have a ram disk set up which uses anywhere from 6-9 gigs depending on what im doing at the time (i make it smaller when im working in ae, for example). i would consider 32 a minimum for a high end workstation thats focused on ae or similar software.

anyway, good luck with your build :)
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My System Specs

Default More RAM & RAM Disk

32GB of RAM? Got it! Iíll do my research on RAM Disks later and I would really like to try it. Thanks for your recommendations and sincere wishes!

Your expert advices / suggestions regarding any other related matter are welcome.
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Old April 20, 2013, 11:01 AM
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My System Specs


Nevertheless, youíve helped me save a couple hundred Dollars and shared your experience & knowledge which I really appreciate. Thank you very much!

Ok then, finally I would like to ask your expert advice regarding tips for during assembling the PC and after the build is complete; DOs and DONíTs, testing, etc. Please have in mind that Iíve asked a friend for assistance.

Iíll await your valuable comments.
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Old April 21, 2013, 07:19 AM
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- Do an assembly and boot test outside the case before you start installing stuff in the case. Nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out where connectors go while trying to twist and turn inside the case.

- The biggest thing is to take your time. Make sure you double check each connector for proper connection (is it in properly, secure, etc). The reason why I say that is because I saw a tech checking out someone's pc while I was waiting for return service. Turns out it wasn't working because whoever did the install messed up the power connector on the HDD and somehow that started a fire. The power connector was completely melted and burned out. Best guess by the tech as to the reason was either something wrong with the connector (PSU or HDD) or the install wasn't done properly. Personally I have no clue what would cause that but the tech's guesses seem reasonable.

- Consider a fan controller in the future for better noise / temps control.
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