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Old February 16, 2013, 03:16 AM
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Are you getting a keyboard, mouse & headset? Speakers?
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Old February 16, 2013, 06:43 AM
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Yes the NCIX build is well though-out, but their target is pure performance in all areas, and their motive is to clear stock for unwanted high-end products.

You need to downscale your CPU to Ivy Bridge (130W average power consumption for the 3930K is too much), and if you still need to lower the budget downscale to i5. No performance lost in games.

You don't need more than 8GB of RAM.

The SSD is much too small but they made up for it by adding a performance 7200 RPM HDD which is fine but not optimal for a gamer/home user. for your budget get a bigger SSD and then a (storage only) Low powered HDD.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Here are some options you can go for:

i5 3570K $230

Noctua NH-U12P SE2 $80 because it will do the same job quieter and cheaper than H100i.

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO $200 shipping (That's the highest you should go unless you need Tri-fire/SLI)

SAMSUNG 8GB (2 x 4GB) $50 Low profile, low voltage, easily overclockable but not available in NCIX. Kingston and Corsair are ok. Either way you don't need to pay more than $50 because there won't be any performance advantage.

GIGABYTE HD 7970 3GB $380x2 or XFX DD for crossfire. You might want to consider the GIGABYTE HD 7970 Ghz edition for $20 extra which is worth it if overclocking isn't your friend's thing. Or GTX 670 $380 EVGA FTW Signature 2, $390 Asus DC2OG, $360 MSI PE or $370 Gigabyte SLI. No need for a third card for a high res single monitor. AMD is more powerful and better value and has better free games bundle. Nvidia will have lesser bugs than AMD (that do tend to be fixed with regular driver updates). maybe you should ask your friend what choice he would like to make.

ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 $90

SAMSUNG 830 512GB $400 (Better performance than the $350 512GB budget Samsung 840. Performance is close to 840 Pro for $100 less and ahead of Intel 520. Problem is it's not in stock and almost discontinued but try to find in other shops like Newegg. Best in class and newest SSDs now are Samsung 840 Pro and OCZ Vector for $500+) Your friend might think it's too much money and prefer 250GB instead.

WD Green 3TB $135 for storage. If you will get a smaller-than-500GB SSD, you might want to consider a faster drive for storage and other exe. files (games, programs, apps etc.) like WD Black, Blue or Seagate Barracuda because 250GB might get full for an extensive gamer and will need to transfer games to the HDD. Just bear in mind it is louder ,consumes more power and is more expensive.

LG 14x Blu-ray Burner $60

SeaSonic Platinum 860 XP2 (only the older XP model is listed in NCIX) or SeaSonic Gold X 850 KM3 (Model number in NCIX not even listed so it might be the older KM2).

I prefer a case with better airflow to make CF/SLI video card fans heat less, spin less and make less noise. My choices for your budget would be $245 Siverstone FT02B-USB3.0. There are other versions in silver color and windows.

ASUS PB278Q 27" $650 ($150 less than the Dell U2713HM and faster response rate make it a better gaming screen but Dell is better built overall and has better colors and more refined OSD)

Headset: $150 Sennheiser PC350

Mouse: Steelseries Rubberized Sensei Raw $50, simple, elegant and best grip, or a pimpier Corsair Vengeance M95 (not listed in NCIX but M90 is cheap now) or MadCatz R.A.T. 7

Mechanical keyboard: Das - Soft Pressure Point $130 best in class, also minimalist and elegant all-rounder but glossy finish (not listed), or gaming backlit $90 Corsair Vengeance K90.

__________________________________________________ __

This is a few 100s over $3,000 but it is the very best of the best and should give you best quite performance. If you want to save more you can get a cheaper case, then smaller SSD, then cheaper PSU, then non mechanical keyboard and then a USB headset without a soundcard.

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Old February 18, 2013, 11:10 AM
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Thanks for the excellent breakdown! He's got all peripherals other than upgrading his monitor so that's a substantial chunk of change right there.

120hz monitor at 1440.. They exist (without going the mod'ed korean ones)?
Apparently not, my noobiness at fault. 1440 definitely though :)
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Old February 18, 2013, 06:09 PM
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My System Specs


I haven't had a lot of luck with all-in-one liquid coolers.
It is either a custom watercooling loop or a Noctua NH-D14 for me.

The LGA2011 version is on sale at canadacomputers right now, if you friend still plans on sticking with a 3930K.
Canada Computers | Cooling | Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 Six Heatpipe Dual Radiator CPU Cooler w/SecuFirm2 for Intel Socket LGA2011
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Old February 18, 2013, 06:30 PM
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Like others have said...go for a 3770K. It plus a Asus Deluxe or Sabertooth is an awesome combo (I run the 3770k + deluxe myself).

Sawp out the H100i for a Kraken X60. Bigger, better and 'full of win'.

Go for a 240GB SSD. Sammy 840 Pro, Intel 520 or Corsair Neutron GTX would all be good choices. IF money is a bit tight...opt for a SanDisk Extreme 240GB.

Swap out the 3TB 'cuda for a WD Black. Not for any difference in performance....but for the longer warranty.

IF you are going the SLI route...I would be tempted to opt for a HAF-X case. Better airflow, just as easy to work with (to me when I think 650...I think water cooling...everything).

Swap out the HX for a AX1200i. Much better PSU...the software is 'meh'...but the PSU is amazing.
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Old February 19, 2013, 12:52 AM
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My System Specs


H100 vs the Kraken.. Yes the X60 is a bit better but it also has a much shorter warranty and is quite a bit more expensive.
Personally I would go the H100i. But then this is a personal preference thing(based pretty much on the warranty).
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