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Old January 28, 2013, 02:50 PM
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Default Seeking advice for my 2013 home PC revamp

Hey all,

I'm feeling the need to upgrade my aging E8400/GTX 280 system, and also want to move towards putting most of my data storage on a NAS, so after doing a bit of homework, here is what I'm currently thinking. Any and all advice is appreciated! Several of these items are on sale until Wed (1/30) so I will likely need to pull the trigger tomorrow.

I mostly use it for web surfing, a bit of gaming (used to play WoW a lot, like to play the occasional game but nothing real heavy). I may also resume coding a bit, and will be running Linux in a VM, so I'm going to stuff it full of RAM I think. I don't plan to OC, since I mainly want a reliable, stable, quiet system, but with enough umph to develop on and run games reasonably well (but do need to drive my 30" Cinema Display at 2560x1600). I can't see myself needing to SLI, so I think something like one GTX 670 should be fine.

For the NAS, I plan on a Synology DS413j with 2xWD Red 2TB drives. 2TB should be more than enough (redundant) storage for a while, and I can pop in 2 more drives to expand without having to rebuild the raid.
Cost: $399 + 2x$109

For upgrading my PC, I'm hoping I can keep my Silverstone FT01 (no front USB 3.0 I/O seems to be the only drawback, unless I really need the airflow of the newer cases) and my Corsair TX750W power supply (are the new gold ones that much better? would going modular make my life that much easier?). Will also my cheap internal DVD burner for the 2x per year I need it.

I also have a Samsung 830 256GB SSD, and with that plan on keeping my old WD 600GB HD since I don't have a lot of non-SSD storage, and want to move most of that to the NAS anyway.

So here are my proposed upgrades:
Intel Core i5 3570k ($219) (would an i7 3770 for $289 be worth it for the slight increase in compilation? Think the 2MB extra cache might be more valuable than the hyperthreading, but would lose the ability to OC.)
Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H ($178) (choosing this to make running Mac OSX easier if I grow too frustrated with Win7)
Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 1.5V 2x16GB kits (ie 4x8GB DIMMS) (2x$93) Kingston KHX1600C10D3B1K2/16G 16GB Kit 2X8GB 1600MHz DDR3 240PIN DIMM CL10 1.5V
PNY GeForce GTX 670 ($280 after rebate)

Some of the things I'm debating are:
Is that the best RAM for the buck? I want 32GB in order to have lots of headroom with a Linux VM for development. Also, don't want to be hitting the pagefile on the SSD, ever.
Is going to the i7 worth it?
Do I need to upgrade the stock cooler to something like the Hyper 212+ ($30)? I don't plan to OC but if I stick with the i5 I may dabble, and I'd happily spend the $ on an aftermarket cooler if it's quieter than the stock Intel one. Also, will a Hyper 212+ even fit in my FT01 case?
That PNY is pretty cheap for a GTX 670, but is the reference cooling design on it too noisy or sub par?

I don't have a strict budget, but don't want to waste money. Any help in guiding me towards a reliable, quiet system is much appreciated.

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Old January 28, 2013, 03:16 PM
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My System Specs


All looks pretty good.. if your thinking 3770.. get the k and then you can oc that too..
Or AMD 8350.. not as good in the games(maybe) but at your res and how much you play it shouldn't matter and will be bottlenecked by the 670 anyway.
Not got the single thread performance but has really good multi thread, is $30 cheaper than a 3570k and will leave a 3770k for dust in some highly threaded tasks..
it's not to be sniffed at though it may not be what your after.

I would find a used 212 and stick on some quiet fans.

32GB of ram, you must be running one really bloody heavy VM. 16 GB should be plenty though 32GB would allow you a 20GB ramdisk along with 6 for your box and 6 for the vm (6 should be plenty unless your doing something very heavy on the ram, feel free to juggle as you wish)
Like the Gskill stuff, see lots of good comments on overclocking it etc but I don't bother.. stuff I have used has been rock solid.

670 should be fine.. the reference coolers are rubbish but then they are cool cards anyway.. I would get the cheapest custom design you can find. (MSI PE is good and not much extra)

PSU should be fine if not as efficient / cool / quiet as a newer unit.
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