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Jim Johnstone January 10, 2013 06:30 PM

New workstation and occasional gaming rig.
I am about to build a new workstation and occasional gaming rig to replace my aging current setup. It will be used for running Solidworks design software on personal projects ie. not for employment so having things like quadro fx cards is overkill. as far as gaming goes I am NOT a hardcore gamer and play games like hit man and assassins creed. Absolute max resolution is not a big priority.

Budget is between $800-$1000.

Everything will be purchased in Canada.

I prefer ASUS AMD WD and Nvidia.

I will be reusing my thermaltake armor case, pair of 460gtx in sli, 2 22" monitors and keyboard and mouse.

I will be overclocking and am fairly new to it and unsure of how much to expect.

I am starting to purchase parts now and hope to have the system built and running in less than 2 months.

As far as technology goes I want a solid state drive and water cooling.

I have planned the following.

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990fx 2.0 $180 or ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z $225.
CPU: AMD fx 8350 piledriver $190.
Cooling: Corsair h100i or h80i. $120.
RAM: not too picky i will probably just look to see what is on sale for 1600mhz or higher 8gb sticks and buy 4 to fill the board.
System drive will be a SSD of 120gb and again probably just look to see what is on sale with a name brand and 6gb/s interface. Any suggestions of brands to look for or avoid? I was leaning towards Intel or Samsung.
General storage drive: Western Digital caviar blue 1 Tb. $75.
PSU: Thermaltake TRX 750M TR2. On sale for $50 right now. 750 watts and modular. Unless there is a reason to avoid this one i will go pick it up this weekend.
Cheap $20 dvd rw to round it out.

now I throw a wrench into the works. As much as I would like to build the system above I have in my possession a new in box rampage ii extreme motherboard and 6gb of mushkin blackline 1600mhz triple channel kit. I have had no luck selling the board and ram, the best offer i got for them both is $100. I would rather keep them for that kind of money. So another option is i use the rampage ii extreme motherboard and ram add a bit more ram to get it up to at least 12 gigs and the rest of the build would be the same.

The advantage is it would be cheaper since i already have the board and could get a used i7 cpu here on hwc. The disadvantages are no upgrade path since socket 1366 is obsolete whereas the AMD system likely has new cpus in the future that'll fit it. Also the rampage ii extreme motherboard only has USB 2.0 and SATA 3gb/s so its already a generation behind.

Anyway sorry for rambling if anyone has any input I would love to hear it.

BFighter January 11, 2013 11:29 AM

I'd say the 3570K, I think it's the same price, At me it is, roughly.

It beats the fx-8130 most of the times and is better with gaming, though the difference with Single GPU is not very much. Though, if you ever go multi-GPU the 3570k beats the FX-8130 easily. I just read you'll re-use the 460 sli, so yes, get the 3570k instead.

The FX-8130 is only better with multi-threaded applications, though the difference is not that great.

http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/701?vs=697 for a comparison.

Since you're going to overclock, get a higher rated RAM than 1600MHz, or else you have a chance your RAM will hold back your overclocking.

With a PSU get Seasonic or Corsair. They are good quality PSUs. Don't know about Thermaltake, but I'm just telling what I know.

Jim Johnstone January 11, 2013 01:56 PM

Well I am partial to AMD and since a few of the CAD programs I use are multi threaded, I am still leaning towards the PileDriver. But for the sake of argument, if I was to go with the 3570K, what board would you guys recommend? Z77 chipset? ASUS Maximus or Sabertooth?

I will look at higher clock speed RAM, even if I start with 16 gigs and add another 16 later to make it more affordable. Should I be considering 2000 mhz?

BFighter January 11, 2013 05:03 PM

Maximus for sure yes. 2000MHz will do yes. Unless you're going heavy on overclocking.

You do notice difference between 1600 MHz and 2000MHz, your PC feels much smoother.

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