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tianfeng November 28, 2012 12:20 AM

Mini Itx or Micro ATX?
So the retail edge deal is out and i am looking to upgrade my gaming rig. I currently have a 600t an amd 1055t and a really nice rog croshair v and a 6950. I also have a matx rig for ht and living room gaming with an I3 3220t p8z68 -m pro , 7770 and my favorite case to date, the fractal define mini. I am leaning towards getting a fractal node 304 which is mitx the Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI and swapping in the i3 and the 7770 to it. Then taking the fractal mini upstairs and putting in the 3770k and selling the amd motherboard proc and case

The other options is the Silverstone Temjin TJ08, an asus p8z77-m pro and the 3770k for the gaming rig and still selling the amd board, proc and case.

Any Ideas or thoughts on this?

le2key November 28, 2012 03:18 AM

I personally love mini gaming PCs, so I'd go with the MINI-ITX build. Plus, mini builds are pretty trendy now. As for the Node 304, it's a great case, but it's more geared towards home server builds. It's pretty big as well, you'd almost think it was designed for an matx form factor. Not sure what your budget is, but I think the cases below would look better as a HT/living room gaming rig.

Newegg.ca - SilverStone Sugo Series SG07B-USB3.0 Black Aluminum / SECC Mini-ITX Desktop Computer Case 600W 80+ Bronze Certified / Single +12V rail Power Supply with 2X USB3.0 ports

Newegg.ca - SilverStone Sugo Series SG06B-USB3.0 Black Aluminum/SECC Mini-ITX Desktop Computer Case SFX 300W with 80 PLUS certification Power Supply with 2 x USB3.0 ports (Black)

Newegg.ca - COOLER MASTER Elite 120 Advanced Black Appearance: Aluminum & Polymer front, Case body: Steel Alloy Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case

The Silverstone Sugo SG07B is definitely my favourite. Found these on google:



Skyllz November 28, 2012 08:39 AM

Darn that looks good, are the silverstone powersupplies of any good quality? To run high end cards video cards...

tianfeng November 28, 2012 08:53 AM

The only problem with those Sugo is that it has a custom sfx PSU and i have like a bunch of atx psu's already that I could use. The other problem with custom psu's is that they are such a pain replacing if they fail.

I couldn't tell the node was that big from the pictures but it wouldn't be a huge problem as i would be setting it beside my subwoofer so it will still look small in comparison. I just have become a fractal fanboy after the quality they put into there cases at a really good price.

What about matx cases like the sj03 and the ps07 that will take both matx and mitx?

Looking for simple design and good build quality willing to spend 100-150 on a case.

Dragonstongue November 28, 2012 09:28 AM

Coolermaster also has one I thought was a great concept but a little large
HAF XM cube style, use what parts you want, do not have to worry nearly as much about sizing constraints, and you can choose to use very high end parts just fine, for its appllication, its probably the best one going right now.

tianfeng November 28, 2012 09:39 AM

the haf xm case is nice but it is huge. I just sold one to a customer and it was massive.

ZZLEE November 28, 2012 06:39 PM

I have a Antec P180 mini there hard to find any more its a nice Mini ATX case.

The Prodigy Is nice m ITX case fore a gaming rig. It does have some constraints on hardware though

The Seasonic X 850 is the most powerfull PSU that will fit in it.
Black one has a vented front panel fore up to a 230 mm fan.

Keywork November 28, 2012 07:11 PM

+1 for BitFenix Prodigy.

tianfeng November 29, 2012 12:39 AM

The prodigy is nice but it isn't really my style. I prefer the simplicity and build quality of silverstone and fractal. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I will get something within the week and post pics of the new build when i do.

Nate-CM November 29, 2012 01:06 PM

I'm a little Biased, but the Cooler Master Elite 120 Advance is a decent ITX Chassis.

Newegg.ca - COOLER MASTER Elite 120 Advanced Black Appearance: Aluminum & Polymer front, Case body: Steel Alloy Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case

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