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Default New Gaming build

Well, I've been using an HP 250 with an i7 860 and a 5770 card for about 18 months, and I'm starting to see some larger than minor issues with performance with some of the new games out there, so I decided to build myself a new system.

I used to build a new one nearly every year until 2005 or so, and usually always went with Memory Express in Calgary. I remember doing my AMD Tbird 1.4, and being the coolest kid on the block with it, and then a few years later having a RAID 0 array with the new 10,000 RPM drives...good times.

Well, I got got back into gaming after a break from 2005-2011 or so, and really having a blast with it as I'm now on disability and have a TON of time to use my PC. I just happened to catch the black friday weekend an Mem Exp in Calgary, so I saved a fair bit of money.

I initially was going to go with the 3930k as it was 230$ off, and the ASUS RIVE motherboard, but the 3930k sold out, and the asus MB was 430$ or so, so I decided to drop down a level to the 3820 CPU, which will still o/c fairly well to the mid 4's which is all I'm looking for, and I went with the Asus Sabertooth mb, as it has active cooling and is built pretty tough from what I've read, and is only a little more expensive than the P9X79 Pro or the Gigabyte UP5 which were my other choices. I really wanted to stay with the 2011 x79 platform, so when the rumored new IV-E stuff comes out I can drop a new super duper 36core CPU into my current MB, haha.

Here is the build

CPU: i7 3820
MB: ASUS X79 Sabertooth
Case: Corsair C70 Black
RAM: Corsair Low Profile Quad Ch 4x4gb DDR3 1866MHz CL9
PSU: Corsair Pro hx850 Modular
Cooler: Noctua DH14 2300
SSD: Samsung 830 128gb
Storage HD: Caviar Black 1TB
Optical: El Cheapo SH224 Samsung for 19$
OS: Win7 Home
GPU: eVGA 680 gtx FTW LE w/Backplate 4gb

I'm planning on buying another 2 Asus LED 24" when they come on sale 2 for 1 again like they were recently at Mem EX or NCIX, as I already have the triple monitor stand ready to go for this. I'll likely also buy another 680 vid card to run SLI to help keep those crazy high 57xx by 12xx resolutions at high FPS in the games I play, mainly flight sims and some FPS's and Total war series games. This system I hope will be decent, I still regret a little not going with the 3930k and RIVE mb, but it shouldn't be THAT much slower than that system would have been, plus like I said, I'll buy one of the new CPU's intel has coming out for this platform in q2/q3/qwhatever next year. Once I o/c that 3820 it will do everything I want I think. I came very close to buying the 690 GTX vid card, as a one card solution for the triple monitor thing, and I probably would have if I built the 3930k instead, but I'm happy with the 680 choice, and the option to add a twin in the parking spot next door is always there if I need it.

Also, I was dead set on getting a 650D or 800D case from Corsair, but these new C70 ones looked pretty interesting, and when they came on sale for 40% off, 99$ now, I decided to try it intead and save a whole bunch of money. It also has cool handles on the top to cart and move it around, which I'll be doing every so often I think. Also, as far as the cooling, I have been really excited to install the new corsair h100i water cooler, with the new and improved hoses and other improvements. Well, a friend of mine bought one, and the 2nd day it leaked all over the inside of his case, destroying one of the 2 500$ GPU's AND the Asus rampage MB he had. That pretty much scared me off of them, as he is having a nightmare of a fight over getting it covered by Corsair. I realize that the Noctua isn't quite as good at cooling for overclocking, but it IS a bit better than the 212 EVO I was going to get, and should be good enough for the 3820 4.6ish o/c I plan to do. If and when the time comes that the new CPU's are out, I'll cross that bridge then when it comes to going to a basic water corsair setup, they will likely have something even newer than the h100i by then, and the c70 case will almost certainly accommodate it.

Anyhow, grand total for this system was $1994.98 after tax, sweep fee, and shipping charge, as I'm not in Calgary any longer. I'll post some pics once it arrives, fingers crossed by Friday, but considering how busy they must be after this weekend (I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 10" android, and the order number was 178 numbers higher than the PC build which was only 90 minutes previous to it..lol) it might not be here until the week after this.

I can't wait, I'm very excited, plus now I can use my current PC as a home theater PC, and I have the Lenovo backlit wicked wireless keyboard/mouse/remote all ready for that, and a decent little 32" LED TV on the way for it in the bedroom.

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My System Specs


Nah,but don't change a system like that every year!!! you will play any game great for 3 years with that thing !!!! It's an epic computer!
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