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fortkentdad October 8, 2012 12:29 PM

A10-5800 vs FX8120/FX8150 vs i53570
I'd like some advice on my best upgrade path. I did look for a section for upgrading, I guess "new build" is as close as it gets. An 'upgrading' section would make sense because you'd be worried about compatibility with existing components whereas with new build you just buy all new parts that do fit together. Just a thought for the forum designers.

I did read through some other posts similar to mine and got some good ideas - I also read about what I should include in this post - hence the long long post - do bear with me, I'm new to this forum and have limited experience under the hood of my PC.

For my current, two year old rig see the pull down menu - its based on the Athlon II x4 635 chip.

I'm not a serious gamer - just a few Tycoon style games from the discount bin on my PC and I hardly play them at all. Maybe if I could bring myself to part with the dollars they expect for todays cool racing game I might give it a go, but for now I don't game much. I'm not into violence so that eliminates 90% of the graphic heavy games. I used to do the SIM's but not for the past few years. And I've never Overclocked - but who knows maybe I will give it a go with this new rig I'm planning just to say that I've done it.

I have added a few compenents to my system but never replaced a mobo or built a system. My son is an IT professional and he's always done that for me, sadly he and our grandson live about 3000+ miles away in Mississippi so this time I'm on my own - although I've got an offer from the IT guy at the office to stop in and give me a hand.

I do use Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and it is my experience with panoramic composition that started this whole upgrading adventure. PE10 needed more RAM to process my panoramic composition. I have 4 GB - not enough according to the experienced photographers at the Nikon forum.

With my current RIG I can only upgrade to 2x4 DDR2 800 - and that is rare & costs about $140.00. I think those are the limitations of my board and chip - please don't tell me I'm wrong because then I'd have no excuse for this fine upgrade I'm planning.

So I figure better to put the money towards an upgrade of the Mobo-CPU-RAM combo.

I'm doing OK with my 2 year old 1 GB nVidea 9800GT card - it runs my two monitors just fine. I've been intreged by this SLI thing and notice I can still buy a 1 GB 9800GT card for about $60. Is that worth the effort and cost or is that just a gamers thing?

My PSU is 575w & "SLI-ready" so I think it will be OK. Opinons on that idea?

I expect to use my current ATX case, my SATA & e-SATA Hard Drives, two optical drives, a card reader & the e-sata port on the front of my case. For $10 I can add an e-Sata 'card' to the back of the PC if I need to.

I might add a SSD someday - when the prices come down. I do have two monitors and a five speaker sound system (which is on mute most of the time - I use headphones when my dearly beloved is in the house.

Given my experience trying to buy two year old memory (my current rig was built Aug 2010), I'm thinking better to max out the memory now and not regret it later. I can get 2x8=16 GB for $64 of GeIL EVO CORSA Series DDR3 1600, so I'd probably just spend $128 and get 32 now. I would make use of the 'excess' RAM by creating a 20+ GB RAMdisk. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820144560

I've done some online research and my decision comes down to three options.

The new Ivy Leage i5 3570K chip, AMD's Bulldozing eight core FX-8120 or 50 chip, or the new Trinity based A10-5800 chip.

I've found the following online prices for Chip-MoBo combos.

Newegg.ca has the FX-8120 paired with ASUS's Sabertooth FX990 for $327 (neat camo mobo with armour) http://www.newegg.ca/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1067342

Memory Express has the i5-3570K Processor w/ Asus P8Z77-V LK for $310

And still with Memory Express, the A10-5800K paired with a GA-F2A85X-UP4 for $250.

So three nice system upgrades for $375-$450 with 32 GB RAM.

I admit am partial to ASUS but not a die hard "fanboy", same goes for AMD, my past few rigs have been AMD but I could do intel. I just like to root for the underdog.

The A10 & i5 both have built in graphics which is a good thing given I expect to use my old 9800GT 1GB card. As I read the PR from the MBoard manufatures and CPU's I should expect to be able to take advantage of both the built in graphics and still use my 9800GT - From the ASUS page on LucidLogix Virtu MVP - "it perfectly combines the performance of discrete graphics cards with fast computing iGPU". That puts the advantage to these two chips.

But the FX Chip comes in a nice metal keepsake tin and bundles up with the Sabertooth camo MoBo for a nice price. These marketing features must count for something eh? With the FX I might need to add a new graphics card or SLI a new 9800GT or make do with my current card - afterall it is doing the job OK today. But it might bottleneck my nice bulldozer system. (Or is that Piledriver now?)

I gave some thought to getting a MoBo with WIFI but don't think I'd get much use out of that. I also looked at some bundles with the gamers "Formula" Mobo - but again I'm not going to get much use out of that boards advanced features.

I read alot about upgrading the CPU fan over the crappy stock fans which I've always used. Is this something to consider? Or will it only matter if I was to try my hand at OCing. see there are lots under $50, I expect the $10 one's are to be avoided but Artic Cooling & Cooling Master both have a $35 unit that gets great reviews. For $35 the reduced noise might be good - but then again is that my CPU fan, case fans or PSU fans that I'm hearing?

I suspect I'll have to get some of that CPU-goo. Although if I get the aftermarket fan I see that it comes with the goo and if I'm paying $12 for the goo - spend a few more dollars and get a super-fan to go with it?. Does the CPU stock fan come with the goo or do I really need to buy this stuff? I see there are several flavours of Artic Silver on line. What's recommended? (Is Artic Cooling & Artic Silver the same company?).

My ATX case only has two case fans - is that enough or should I buy get another? I have two left over from an old machine - I think they would still be good, but they are blue and would not be colour coordinated with the Sabertooth set up so another mark against the FX chip. If I thought it would reduce the noise a lot I might upgrade my case fans to slightly better ones - any recommendations on that idea?

I don't think I can do anything about the PSU fan noise.

Anything I'm missing?

FYI - I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and 75% of the time I'm online. We are rural and the best I'm getting out of our satelite signal is 1.44 mbps down, .29 up. We live on the slow side of the great technical divide out in the rural hinterland three hours from the city (Edmonton). Yep another Canuck :canadianwave:

I am heading into Edmonton next Sunday and could pick up this stuff at Memory Express there. I see they have uber price matching so if they have the stock I should be able to get any of these set-ups from them. I'd phone first and make sure. Otherwise I'll order from Newegg.ca unless TigerDirect comes up with a better bundle. Is there another Retailer I should shop?

So lets recap, I've covered What (upgrade CPU-MOBO-RAM) Why (PE10 needs more RAM and I wanna new system) When (probably next Sunday) Where (Edmonton or on line) and Who (all by myself or with a little help from my friends) and as for HOW - well once I get the parts that will be my next post.

Thanks for making it this far.


MARSTG October 8, 2012 03:43 PM

Technically speaking you could keep your CPU and just change the mobo with one with AM3 socket. AM3 means there is only DDR3 no DDR2, unless very rare exceptions (Asus M4N72E but not sold anymore). So you could keep the CPU and just get another mobo with 4 RAM slots that will take at least 16GB of RAM with no issues. If you want a new system I would go with the Core i5 setup. Your power supply is a no name, might say SLI ready on it but don't push it. I haven't seen anywhere the software you use to make use of GPU accelerated functions like Nvidia's CUDA from the 9800GT or Open CL from AMD vid cards, so if you don't game might want to keep the 9800 out of the system completely. The AMD stock cooler on the Athlon chips is quite silent, is the stock unit on the highly clocked Phenoms that is quite noisy. You might want to get a Cooler Master 212 Evo as CPU cooler they are great for the price.

Bond007 October 8, 2012 05:29 PM

My vote is for the i5. Given your uses I would likely leave the 9800 out of the system and just use integrated. Sli is not something worth the time/money/effort for you(pretty much just for gaming). If you want a good budget minded CPU cooler the cooler master hyper 212 is good to go, but that is something you can add later if you would rather leave it stock for now.

Edit: actually since you have the 9800 you may as well use it

frontier204 October 8, 2012 08:19 PM

That Logisys power supply is scaring me: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/artic...-Review/1211/9
If I find a review on a similarly-branded PSU that burns that automatically means I don't put in any new parts without replacing that PSU.

Also, I built a PC without formal training - it's not bad at all. I actually started by upgrading my family's Dell, IBM (pre-Lenovo), and HP computers, and then found that building a PC from components was actually easier than modifying prebuilts.

Since you will want the use of a multithreaded processor for photo editing, the new AMD A10 would be a good match for you, especially with Adobe stepping it up with OpenCL support to use the AMD GPUs to do processing (although not sure if Elements uses it yet). Forget about using that old GPU if you go the A10 route - it's a bad idea to combine graphics cards that are several generations apart, especially since the 9800 is a DirectX 10 card and all new graphics solutions are DirectX 11. You'll have driver issues all over the place if you try to get the cards to work with each other, no matter what the marketing says.

You spoke of a lot of other stuff (RAM, cooling, etc) but the most important point I'd like to present is to get rid of that PSU, or don't be surprised when stuff starts crashing / freezing / taking damage.

Bond007 October 9, 2012 12:27 PM

what power supply do you have?

SKYMTL October 9, 2012 12:56 PM

Wait to see what Vishera brings to the table when it launches in a few weeks.

great_big_abyss October 9, 2012 01:41 PM

Is this an official 'SkyMTL' heads up?

OOOH, exciting! I have an AM3+ Mobo all ready for it!

Bond007 October 9, 2012 03:31 PM

^^^Haha....the never failing harmless statement that gets everyone thinking. Sky, you taunt us. Look forward to the review.

JJThomp October 9, 2012 06:07 PM

If the CPU performance increase from FM1 - FM2 is any indication of the bulldozer-vishera increase I'm kind of excited for Vishera... Should be much closer to being competitive.

terrybear October 10, 2012 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by SKYMTL (Post 660802)
Wait to see what Vishera brings to the table when it launches in a few weeks.


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss (Post 660823)
Is this an official 'SkyMTL' heads up?

OOOH, exciting! I have an AM3+ Mobo all ready for it!

Quite possibly :whistle:

Originally Posted by Bond007 (Post 660857)
^^^Haha....the never failing harmless statement that gets everyone thinking. Sky, you taunt us. Look forward to the review.



Originally Posted by JJThomp (Post 660894)
If the CPU performance increase from FM1 - FM2 is any indication of the bulldozer-vishera increase I'm kind of excited for Vishera... Should be much closer to being competitive.

Well again ... going on that basis yes the TRUE question will be how the core's react with each other + having the L3 .... but yes I agree the trinity's do look to be true in what amd sugests a 15-20%+ inprovement in the piledriver stuff.

That being said .... I think skymtl is simply just pointing out the ovious that it would be a waste of $ to buy a FX bulldozer cpu when the Piledrivers will be out around the end of the month, offer improved preformance & probly around the same price points ..

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