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guitarwiz23 September 26, 2012 01:36 PM

Rebuilding new computer with my old 955BE, would like opinions
I upgraded from a 955 to a 3570K. After initially building with the 955 I wish I would have done more research (was my first time building) and went intel from the get go, I had planned to sell the 955 but thr didn't work out like I thought so I decided to keep it and use I later. I spend time between two houses so I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and reassemble so that I have a gaming capable computer no matter where I am consider my laptop is a MacBook.My current home computer is:
3570k @ 4.5ghz 1.24v
Hyper 212 evo
Msi z77a-gd65
Msi tfiii 7850 (1100/1300 @1138mv)
Samsung 830 128gb
Samsung spin point f3 1tb
Antec three hundred
Ocz zs 750w
Corsair vengance lp 8gb 1600 MHz ram

Other parts I have that would be in the new build are:
Hyper 212+
As rock 890gx pro3
Corsair xms3 1333mhz 4gb
Ocz vertex 120gb

So I was thinking of picking up an antec one illusion from newegg(better cable management and good price) and putting my current build into that and reusing my 300 for my "new" build
And then picking up:
Antec neo Eco 520w psu
Msi tfiii gtx660

The 660 would replace the 7850 and the 7850 would go with the amd build.
Not really looking to spend more on the gpu. I want nvidia at home because my 3570K runs the physx from borderlands alright but I think the 660 may do a better job, plus drivers from the nvidia side seem more stable from my perspective since I keep having random little issues.

I'm open to just accepting te frame rate drops from physx for borderlands at home off te 3570k and just getting a cheap gpu for the new build however if that would be my best move, if that was the case I would also find a cheaper enclosure and not worry about switching things around.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Bond007 September 26, 2012 02:12 PM

It really depends on budget and how much time you want to invest in getting the second rig up and running. Realistically your main rig is good to go as is, so if you want to save time and money grab the GPU, case, and power supply of your choosing and build the new (old) computer with (spend as little or as much as you want to do so). If you feel you want your current build in a better case, and a new graphics card, then by all means it is worth the work and money.

Your component selection is good...Some people will suggest what they would do, but I think you should go with what you want/need. So, how much money do you want to invest in your second rig? What do you want/need it to realistically do for your (resolution, fps, consistent gaming, occasional use)? Do you want to redo your current computer, or are you happy with it?

Let us know what you want and budget, and then I will gladly make some suggestions.

guitarwiz23 September 26, 2012 02:52 PM

Budget is around $350 I guess, I have a subwoofer up on craigslist I am trying to sell so if that goes I was going to use that money for case and psu, mobo has built in gpu, just to get it up and running as a computer, the 120gb as is enough as it will only have windows, Firefox or chrome, steam, and a couple of games (borderlands, diablo, skyrim). It's an old drive so if it fails its okay, my MacBook 320gb 5400rpm is collecting dust since I replaced it with a Samsung 830 128. The gpu I was goin to ge for Christmas or with Christmas money but would still like a $350 budget.

I'm pretty happy with my performance now, haven't gotten much time to play as I am in college but having a computer no matter where I go would give me a little more time. The lowest fps I got in bl2 was like 27 with physx on high and max everything at 1080P even with it running from the 3570K, skyrim and diablo are 60 constant everything maxed. Those are my main 3 games and probably the only ones I will play for a while to come! originally I was low balling rebuilding and was going to get a 6670ddr3 and just play everything on low (maybe even 720P depending what monito I get(not included in budget, will probably reuse old one)). I like my case. Except the cable management, but I made do with what I have and it looks pretty freaking good! The only reason I would get the antec one over some other low cost case is because I can get it for 40 and its better than my other options. I don't REALLY NEED to do this, but I also just like tinkering. Also I'm really open to ANY suggestions!

guitarwiz23 September 26, 2012 03:39 PM

Will probably still be on 1080P, I will be selling my subwoofer for 160 tomorrow so I will have 160 to spend, I can either put it towards the 660 to go in my pc or towards a psu and case to get my other parts running and get my gpu later on.... Or get a psu, case, and weaker but still decent gpu, ideas?

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