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JellyBeans04 July 31, 2012 10:33 PM

New Build - Know Nothing
Hi there,

So, I'm looking to build a computer but I haven't the slightest clue where to start. I'm wanting to spend no more than $1000 CAD. I'll be using it mostly for gaming. I just need the computer only, nothing else.

Any help? =]

Dzzope July 31, 2012 10:38 PM

What games will you be playing? Anything other than games(like video editing etc)? are you going to overclock? when are you looking to build?

What resolution is the monitor you will be using? (Or model if your not sure)

JellyBeans04 July 31, 2012 10:47 PM

I'll be playing games like sc2, bf3, csgo, pretty much any game I decide to get my hands on. I do plan to overclock. I want a pc where I can play all my games without it stuttering/lagging all over the place and have good graphics. I'm looking to build ASAP.

1080p monitor.

Dzzope August 1, 2012 01:00 AM

ok.. general advice first.. don't spend on anything thats not necessary. keep the case and other "extra's" to a(reasonable) minimum..

i5 3570k (about $215)
z77 board.. look around the $170 mark (Msi and Asrock have some decent boards at this price. As do gigabyte.. but I don't like dealing with them as their support and rma policies suck)
2x4gb DDR3 1600 (about $45)
GTX 670 (gigabyte is about the best value one to get) (about $415)
1TB hdd Seagate 1tb per platter one would be good.. (about $75)
650 watt psu from xfx, corsair, antec or seasonic.. (about $70)
$60 case
Whatever after market cooler you can get your hands on with whats left.. CM 212+ is good for the price..

Should, once price-matched, be *just* over a grand.. But you really need to price-match.. Spot bundle deals (motherboard processor ram) etc..

If your willing to wait a few weeks you could go for a GTX660 instead of the 670.. It should be around $100 cheaper and have similar performance at your resolution..
Alternatively, get a 7950 for less now and a few free games to boot.

I didn't specify any SSD as your gaming.. once your in games there is really nothing better than more GPU power to increase performance,
you can always add an ssd at some stage down the road when you have the funds anyway and it'll make the system that bit faster for everything else.

Your other alternative is to go for either an intel CPU you can't OC, or an AMD based system.. This will save you enough to get an SSD.
If you go for one of these you will replace the cpu and motherboard in about 3 years... If you get the i5 then it should last you 5 years.

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