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Old July 11, 2012, 08:32 AM
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Default New Build Advice/Challenge

1) The computer will be used for gaming. D3, ME3, BF3, Civ 5, TF. I also use the computer as a media server for 40 gigs of photography and about 800 gigs of movies and TV shows for my Apple TV. I often play games while streaming from my media drives to a Apple TV and have stock tickers runing on a second monitor. Also will do video conversion with handbrake.

2) I'd like to keep is under $2000 but am flexible enough to know weigh benefits of spending more.

3) USA

4) Brand preference is important using only Corsair and EVGA products. I've used these products for a long time and they've been solid. I am open to substituting other manufactuers but please provide rationale for any changes from EVGA and Corsair.

5) I have an WD Green 2TB drive. I have a Intel X25-V SSD 40 Gig, but not sure if it's of much use in a new build. I have existing OS and input devices. I can figure out which monitors I need. Strictly a case and hardware build.

6) Seems like a Intel 6930k and Nvidia 680 seem popular, good hardware.

7) Will likely run at default speeds, may overclock but nothing approaching enthusiast level overlocking.

8) I plan to build in the next week or two.

9) I plan to buy two new monitors. Not sure of resolution use. I care about gaming technology and would prefer max settings in games.

10) Prefer a SSD, prefer Corsair and EVGA products, prefer Intel.

The Details.

Build me a computer using only EVGA and Corsair products. I'm thinking of Nvidia 680 and Intel 6930k for a case I'm thinking Corsairs C70.

The Story.

So last year I built a computer for a friend and it was close to a decade since I put one together previous to that. Seems like Dell was just all too easy to click and recieve. Anyway, today I woke up to a high pitch whine which stopped itself and then my computer would restart. I removed the (suspected) offending HD but the computer still giving me errors with Windows Explorer. Long story short the warden (wife) has green lighted a new computer purchase to replace my 5 year old machine. Her idea, not mine, she even expressed some urgency as the computer has about 50 gigs of family photography on it. So I expect to buy this week or next.


I play games. Diablo 3, Civ 5, Skyrim and frankly would play BF3, ME3, but I haven't simply because I would play at low quality and at that point, what's the point. I also use my computer as a Media Server for my Apple TV with about 800 gigs of movies and TV shows. Mostly just games, Internet, media storage.

Corsair & EVGA

I've used both products with great success, you can try and convience me of adding in another manufactuer for a specific component but give rational with any substatution. I may add a second 680 in the future, but I somewhat doubt it knowing myself.


Thanks for the feedback folks. I appreciate your help and I hope I posted this in the right area.

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Old July 11, 2012, 02:45 PM
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Ever since EVGA lost their team to sapphire, they haven't been the same quality (their customer service is still legendary but personally I prefer ASUS now).

Also a 670 is a much smarter buy than a 680...at more than 25% less money you get 90% the performance with much more overclocking headroom as the aftermarket cooled cards are much closer in price to reference than is the case for 680 (you could easily get the performance of a reference 680 overclocked to the limit with a 670 with aftermarket design). Also you mention multi monitor display, which is not the best on kepler cards (I use a kepler card myself). At resolutions significantly above 1080p, the AMD's latest generation actually does better and is cheaper (maybe when they release the rumored 685 with a 512bit memory interface that will change).

Finally, you don't mention any application that would justify an LGA2011 platform (im guessing by 6930k you mean 3930/3960k). It would be much smarter for you to get something on LGA1155...my suggestion would be a K series i5 but an i7 could maybe be justified depending on the things you do daily other than gaming.
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Old July 11, 2012, 03:23 PM
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My System Specs


Are you going to be gaming on triple monitors?You may need 2 gpu's for surround gaming if you are.

My thoughts:

Option (A)

Z77 Sabertooth
3570K quad core
4x4GB RAM DDR3-1600
GTX 680 or 670
Another ssd for OS, Corsair force, intel 520 or crucial m4, OCZ Vertex 3's are a good value.

If you need more threads then....

Option (B) probably ~$400 dollars more than option A

3930k cpu
Asus P9X79 Pro
4x4GB RAM DDR3-1600
680 or 670
ssd (at least 120GB)

If overclocking, then grab a corsair H80 or H100 watercooler if you like those.

You can always install some games on your existing 40gb ssd too.

cases: I like Lian Li cases nowadays because they are light and clean looking, but if you want a corsair case, then the 550D, 650D, 600T, or C70 as mentioned prior are worth checking out.
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Old July 11, 2012, 04:00 PM
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Thanks dandelioneater,

I hadn't considered the 3570K, though I had read some comparisons between that 3770k and the 3930k and that those two seem to be popular with gaming enthusiasts. I'd have to look into the 3570 as I'm not familiar with it.

Regarding the video card, I use two monitors. Folks seem to be pretty enthusiastic about the Nvidia 670's and less so about the 680's, so I'm not sure why exactly.
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Old July 12, 2012, 08:07 PM
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If you do any photo editing work ( you mentioned photography) it might be worth it to go for the 3770k over the 3570k. The 3770k has HT which may improve performance in certain programs.
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