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aeonfluxx July 7, 2012 11:52 PM

GPU help
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a GPU ($250 budget). Preferably nvidia because I mostly play sc2, bf3, arkham city. Hers some desktop specs: core i3 2100, 4gb 1300, 620W PSU.
Thanks in advance!

GT7R July 8, 2012 01:26 AM

What is the resolution you use? For 1080p you'll be good with a GTX570 at that budget. For anything higher I'd highly recommend stretching a bit for a 7870 (or a used 580).

PcWizTech July 8, 2012 07:58 AM

Try to find a GTX 550-570 Ti. There could be vendors that have used graphics card at a cheaper price, but be careful with used parts.

redline July 8, 2012 09:47 AM

If you have the space and good case airflow, the MSI GeForce GTX 570 Twinfrozr II can be had for $234.99 after $20 MIR at NCIX.

aeonfluxx July 8, 2012 12:53 PM

1080, they have 580s for 250?

redline July 8, 2012 01:05 PM

There are quite a few good deals on 5xx video cards in the BST forum.

Funguseater July 8, 2012 01:19 PM

OR you can pick up a GTX480

New egg still has the GTX480 for $210. I picked one up last month and it rocks, yes it does get hot but they are not hard to cool down with aftermarket coolers (I am going to hook up an antec 920 CPU cooler to mine and overclock the snot out of it):ph34r:

OR Slickenuf4u is selling a gtx570 for $175 inthe Buy/Sell Section (not the greatest cooling on that model either though)

Have FUN

aeonfluxx July 8, 2012 04:31 PM

Thanks, yea the 480 looks good you think it will run good in a CM 690 case? (It has 3 fans) I'm also thinking of snatching a 670 for 350 or lower if I can find a used one on ebay or something. PS thanks for the suggestions guys!

Dzzope July 9, 2012 01:32 AM

No chance of a 670 for that price unless there is something wrong with it.

Get a 570 or 580 second hand if you can find one.

Bond007 July 9, 2012 09:52 AM

I would go for a used 570/560Ti if I was you. Otherwise a new 560Ti.

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