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bodysome June 30, 2012 06:13 AM

New Build Gaming, in aus
hello everyone
i'm building a new computer, it's my first build and i think i have everything down. just need people give some advice on parts and give me the thumbs up on 2 bytes of ram (JK):offtopic:

my budget is $1500 and it does cover shipping (in all $33 shipping)

the only preference i have is Nvidia and EVGA however i am open to AMD and other (cooler people ???)

my parts will be bought in Australia mostly local (Perth) and from the east (Melbourne)

i will over clock eventually but for the moment i will be running mostly stock speed

i have not bought any parts yet but i will place the order when i get back (going away for 2 weeks)

the parts i will be purchasing are as followed
CM Storm Enforcer $94
i7 2600k $304
Asus P8Z77-V-LK $169
60GB SSD (Boot) $69
2 TB 7200rpm (storage) $117
2*4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM $69
200mm fan $22*2
fan control and sd card reader $25
DVD-re $18
wireless 300mbp (asus pce-n15) $29 (no comment)
PSU -ZT 750W 119
asus vs228n 22 led lcd (this won't change) $129

shipping $33

total $1149

leaving $351 for a graphics card and keyboard and mouse

i was looking at the 560ti price is about 250-280 will go for EVGA for the warranty

any advice on keyboard and mouse i might just get a cheapish one any opinions?

note: i know the case comes with one fan but i am getting two because LED's won't work for me

thanks everyone

guitarwiz23 June 30, 2012 07:26 AM

If this build is strictly for gaming I don't think you will see much of a gain from an i5 2500k or i5 3570k to the i7 2600k, so You could drop down to one of those and save ~100 there and then pick up either a gtx 670 or a gtx 680 for your graphics card

bodysome June 30, 2012 10:11 PM

so there won't be much bottle necking there then?

alright i just read up on a few pages and i think i will follow your advice most people online say that the perform about the same (i5 ivy and the 2600k) but the i5 might run hotter when over clocked, I'll probably get an aftermarket before over clocking anyway.

so yeah i might get the i5 3570k

side note this banana is the best :bananafunky:

BrutalGreen July 1, 2012 01:14 AM

If you are overclocking and don't need pci-e 3.0 (don't plan on running 4 way graphics card on z77 is probably the only way u might find a use for this nowadays anyways), the 2500k>3570k due to higher overclock limit and lower temps. yes clock for clock ivy does very so slightly better than sandy but imo thats negligable when its doing so with over 20-30C more at same speeds. Also good luck getting an ivy to 5ghz which is quite common for SB chips.

Dzzope July 1, 2012 05:37 PM

Depending on how much you want to OC the SB chip can be better..

If your looking to increase in-game performance... then it doesn't really matter. Sure OC but there is no need to push any boundaries.

As said above, the IB chip will give you better performance per clock but the SB chip has the better oc limits and thermals when pushed.

Realistically, you'll probably be aiming for a reasonable OC that is stable for 24/7 operation and looking at 4.5(ish) ghz..
At this point the IB chip has the edge, better clock for clock and still cooler than the SB chip..
Any higher and your looking at going for the older SB chips..

And you definately want a custom cooler before oc'ing (the stock one will handle a slight oc but temps will be a bit high)

If you choose the SB chip (still go i5 rather than i7) look at the different features the different chipsets will give you vs their price.. options are p68, z68 and z77..
all will oc but have some other extra features..

On the GPU.. a 670 will be plenty for your resolution.. The gigabyte windforce is about the best value on pre-oc'd and custom cooled cards at the moment.
I have an Asus DCII (gigabyte wasn't available) and it's cool and whisper quiet.. plays everything max'd without issue.. Drivers have been slightly sketchy but are improving greatly.

guitarwiz23 July 2, 2012 12:22 PM

I have an i5 3570k at 4.5 bios voltage is 1.24 idle in cpu-z is1.224 and load in CPU-z is 1.216, my max temp while stress testing is 71 and my max with normal use and gaming is like 55-60..... This is on a hyper 212 evo $30 cooler.this probably matches sandy 4.7/4.8 and I don't plan on ever pushing it any further.

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