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Old February 10, 2012, 04:32 AM
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Default My 3rd Build - contribute AT MAX!

Hello HWC peeps and geeks and no-lifes
I wanna know what do you think about my third build in my life
Let's reveal my 2 previous rigs configs:
1st (2003-2009) it was a flagship at that time,and it managed to run Wolfenstein at 60FPS with no slowdown what so ever :D :
Pentuim 4 (single core) 2.4GHZ
an old SIS card (64MB SDRAM) after that i switched to the NVIDIA FX5500 128MB of DDR RAM and defenatly fasten everything along it :)
128MB DDR RAM,and then i upgraded to 384RAM (by adding a 256 STICK) giving me so many slowdowns due to not operating in dual channel
an IDE 40GB drive.
Now my second (2009-present) you have to know that so far i was a PC noob when it comes down to latest technology,we didn't have internet at house,and this just got it worse :(
Pentuim E2200 DC (Dual core) 2.2GHZ
an NVIDIA 8400GS 512MB of DDR2 RAM,after that i upgraded to 9400GT 1GB card which still works perfetc in some old titles (for now it's still hard for this card to break the 30FPS mark in COD MW3,Battlefield 3,AC Revelations,and i can't no more LOCK 60FPS in FIFA 12)
Now that was really a huge upgrade over the last generation PC,but i feel i didn't choose the right thing to go with :(
Now my third BUILD which is just an idea that needs probably some opinions to put it right,now at this period i'm a REAL PC NERD,i know everything about the latest technology thanks to some cool youtube channels like LinusTechTips or/and Motherboards.org:
This is what i expect getting:
Intel Core i5 2500k (i'm going to enable turbo boost)
8GB DDR3 1600MHZ RAM (cool and nice for both gaming and video encoding,and probably for some 64Bits apps that might need to eat RAM for dinner)
GIGABYTE Z68UD3P-XP now this is a very nice value board,it has PCIE 3.0 support,it has Ultra Durable 3 which ensures maximum stability and reliability,and surely support the upcoming Ivy Bridge,along with the numerous features over P67,H67,H61
Samsung F4 SpinPoint 1TB drive
i'm going to play in a 720P monitor,so i think that the GTX550Ti is going to handle it perfectly well :)
So yeah tell me guys what do you think,my expectation on this guy are very large considering the res i wanna play at,and really the big lift up from LGA775,to the killer Sandy Bridge architecture
And tell me if i need to wait for some sort of a 7870,because i do consider buying this machine in much further future,so i can probably wait until other stuff come out
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Old February 10, 2012, 05:57 AM
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a lot of history there my friend...i5 2500k is nothing wrong to it,best for game and a good performance CPU no doubt about that..but i not sure bout the GPU seem like not fit in that picture,you should go for gtx 560 or 570..that will definately be a good combo.bang2.good luck
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Old February 11, 2012, 03:17 AM
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Had some hard time reading your post.

Although you wouldn't be saving a lot, you could downgrade your CPU to a 2400 or even i3 since a lot of gaming doesn't use too much CPU power and use that saved money towards higher end video card.

I would say GTX 550 Ti is sufficient for 720p.

You didn't mention about any of the other parts such as power supply and such but make sure to use quality parts and consider adding SSD. It's the single part that could make the biggest performance difference in modern computer system.

If you plan to make the purchase not any time soon, it would make sense to wait until you actually plan to throw down the money because newer hardware will be out and there will be more products that may be of better value to you.
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