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Old January 11, 2012, 04:39 AM
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Default gamming build

hey guys this pc will be used for everyday pc and some gamming like bf3 and mw3, skyrim, gt4 and gt5 when it comes out, the specs consist of so far

- Corsair Carbide 500R Black Mid-Tower Case $159
- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO $39
- Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD $193
- Gainward gtx 570 phantom 1280mb $369 or

- Gainward gtx 570 goes like hell edition $ 368 or
- Gainward gtx 570 normal edition $339 (which one has better performance and which one had the best cooling, and temps.)
- coolermaster gx 750w psu $109

-total $869 plus postage $50 = $919

I do not want to relai that price because 30 days from when i get those parts that are listed above i will have to buy a new mother boared and ram which is another $250 - $300 because my parents are buying me a i5 2500k for my birthday.

(currently have a old motherboared and cpu and ram i will use for now they are listed below i will be using the components below till my birthday when i will be getting a i5 2500k and 8 gigs of 2133mhz ram and some sort of gigabyte motherboared, and yes i know my cpu will bottle neck my gpu but iwill try and get a 15% overclock ont he cpu which will make it 3.1 ghz which will be fine fr 30 odd days till my birthday)

- amd athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 5200+ 2.69GHz (scores 5.8 in windows 7 raitng)
- asrock A785GM-LE/128M (will be upgrading soon when i upgrade my cpu and ram)
- 4 gigs or ddr2 800 team ram (scores 7.1 in windows 7 raiting)

please tell me will a 600w psu be enought because i would get the gs-600watt by corsair or should i jsut go straight for a coolermaster gx 750 watt $109 and (dose anyone know any fourum about over clocking that cpu)

hope to see a reply thanks alot guys
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Old January 13, 2012, 08:33 PM
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My System Specs


You planning to SLI in the future? Where are you planning to purchase the components?

I have no experience with the GS series or CM PS. You might want to consider getting a 750+ watt PS:

XFX 750W PRO750W Core Edition Single Rail ATX 12V 62A 24PIN ATX Power Supply 80PLUS Bronze PSU - XFX - P1750SNLB9

Or even the Antec Green PS.

Just dont forget to PM everything (if purchasing here in CA) so you got more money for something else.
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Old January 14, 2012, 12:10 AM
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Don't get the hyper evo. Ncix currently has the noctua d-14 for 49.99$ with free shipping, grab that instead. Way better
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