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Masteroderus January 10, 2012 02:04 PM

Crosshair V vs Sabertooth 990FX
Hello, I am currently helping a friend upgrade. The friend is an AMD fanboy. Currently they have a 6950 being bottlenecked by a X2 3.0GHz, but they own a non am3+ board and they do not like intel for whatever crazy reason (i love AMD but bulldozer is less performance for more money). They also want to buy all their shit from memory express because they hate dealing with mailing stuff back and forth. Memory express is ALL OUT OF X2 AND X4 AND X6 AM3 PROCS IN EDMONTON. :sad: My first advice was a X4 955 BE.

So they want to upgrade to a 990FX mobo, and plunk in the X2 3.0GHz for now because they cannot afford a CPU + MEM + Mobo all at once.

The real question is crosshair V vs sabertooth (as they are also an ASUS fanboy).

This person games mostly on the computer. I was thinkin that the extra 20-30 bucks might be worth it due to the better LAN chip, on board sound package, and red goes faster than peuk brownish colour (in theory).

This person also will be DEFINETLY overclocking the x2 (to some extent as it is locked), and will be overclocking a bulldozer when they buy one in perhaps a few months time.

This person likes to play WITH and ON the computer, so i figured the crosshair V , when coupled with some minor gaming perks, was superior to the sabertooth.

Another complication is that the noctua colour scheme matches the sabertooth.

So with all this in mind, and my mind not being able to be made up, which would you get and why?

Thank you for your time! :canadianwave:

sswilson January 10, 2012 02:08 PM

First question would be why they're going with BD as opposed to a PII X6, and then once that's answered... are they going to be doing SLI? If not, then the 990FX chipset might not be the right choice.

So far, my sabertooth has not overly impressed me over and above my CH IV.

Masteroderus January 10, 2012 03:09 PM

To answer your question they are not going with a bd nor an x6. they are using an x2 from their current am3 mobo that is not am3+ compliant with an upgrade to piledriver in mind. Or a cheap bd.

The supply of phenom 2's in edmonton at his preferred vendor is exhausted.

*edit* Yes they want to have the option to SLI thus the 990fx instead of the 990x. Good questions.

Soullessone21 January 10, 2012 03:45 PM

After owning both the Crosshair V hands down.
Main reason is stability, I have sold around 10 of each systems with 8150 CPU's and get off BSOD and other issues with the Saber where I dont with the Crosshair.
I also have yet to hear someone rave about how great the sabertooth is where everyone who gets the Crosshair loves it.

The OC ability of the Crosshair is amazing and any idiot can use it.

Crosshair from personal use hands down:)

Masteroderus January 10, 2012 03:52 PM

Thanks so much. I really appreciate the seemingly limitless awesome advice these forums give. Crosshair V it is! :punk:

Soullessone21 January 10, 2012 03:57 PM

You will not be disappointed :D

clshades January 10, 2012 10:12 PM

crosshair V. If I see another sabertooth board again in my life time it will be too soon.

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