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mrperfect1995 October 31, 2011 09:29 PM

what type of setting will my budget pc play and will this be bottlenecked by antyhing
amd phenom ll x6 1090 BE
MSI gefore gtx 560 ti twin frozer ii OC 1 gb or will a 6950 1 gb what would you recomend.
western digital caviar black 1 tb sata3
coolermaster silent pro m700w
ddr 2 800 4 gigs
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
coolermaster haf x
benq g2420HD 24 inch lcd moniter
what kind of cpu cooler would you recoment for a micro atx motherboared, will the hyper 212+ work ?
im using a old motherboared that suports the x6 cpu but dose not suport sata 3 but will be only using this MB till i upgrade to another one in the future.

please reply and give me any feed back.


JJThomp November 1, 2011 05:09 AM

Should be able to max out most games but only play games like BF3 on high instead of ultra.

Yes hyoer 212 will work

t.y.wan November 1, 2011 10:49 PM

I would suggest you to "upgrade" to the 6950 2GB version, because most of them can be unlocked to 6970 2GB and that is at least 80 bucks you saved using the unlock.
The DDR2 800MHz ram seems a bit out-dated, you might want to upgrade to DDR3-1333MHz, since they are ridiculously cheap... If there is a bottleneck, this would be it.
Then moving on to the 700W power supply... Don't you think it is a little abundant? Your system will not need more than 500W... Unless you wish to throw in another 6950 2GB for crossfire in the future.
Hyper 212+ I have one of those too, still kicking nice and quiet in my 1st gen i7 pc. They will work as long as you can find the "backplates" and "necessary" mounting screws it CAME with.
If your "old" mATX mobo doesn't support SATA3, you might need to change some settings in BIOS, I wish you wouldn't waste those nice kits on a mATX board...

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