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Old July 31, 2011, 11:18 AM
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Default Server in Furnace room?

Hey All,

Recently had an issue where the heat wave ended up killing one of the drives in my file server (8 x 2TB RAID6). Currently trying to recover my data, and thinking of ways to avoid having the drives overheat.

My idea is simple: Move the server to my furnace room.

The furnace room is cool in the summer (being in the basement). Unsure about winter as I have not lived here this long... but there would be enough airflow / breathing room for the PC.

The furnace room is 'basically' directly underneath my second bedroom (aka "the office", "the computer room", "the cave"). I am in a bungalow so the run will be short and it looks like running an ethernet cable to it will be relatively simple.

A wall of the office is shared with the bathroom. The bathroom has a sink against the same wall and the drain is visible from the ceiling of the furnace room.

My concerns are the following:
1. It's in the same room as the hot water tank and gas furnace
2. It will be 'relatively' inaccessible as we are planning on renting out the basement. It has a separate entrance, and locks on the furnace room door.
3. Running a UPS will involve snaking an extension cord around the room

Do people generally lift any equipment off of the ground? Should I elevate the power cables as well just as a precaution? Anything else I should consider?

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Old July 31, 2011, 01:49 PM
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My System Specs


Well in the event the basement leaks/floods, then yes having things elevated off the ground a bit will definitely help. Also if there's no subfloor or anything, then the possibility of moisture coming up through the concrete is very likely. I'd probably put some sort of shelf to place the PC on along with the UPS and anything else.

If your water heater and furnace are not direct vent models, then it may get a bit warm in there during the winter months depending how sealed up the ducts are. But since it sounds like you're planning on "sealing off" the room, then I surely hope all your equipment in there is directly vented (as in it draws fresh air in from outside and exhausts out the side of the house). If it goes up the chimney though, then your furnace room needs to have some venting to allow "fresh" air to be pulled in from the surrounding basement for proper combustion to occur.
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Old July 31, 2011, 04:30 PM
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and make sure the cables make a nice 'u' just in case water prickles down from above or any other direction.

try to have it covered from anything falling over, as per above. preferably heavy metal,or at least thick plastic held in place properly.

and using a house fan or two will help when winter comes.
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