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leland459 June 12, 2011 09:00 AM

First home server
Basicallly, like every one else I would like a central point for the households backups, media and the like.
I wanted to go for raid 5 for the storage and raid 1 for the os. I thought about going for a NAS box but wanted the ability to do more and expand as my needs grew.

i3 2100 $130
biostar h67 board $85

4gb ripjaws x 1333 $45

psu undetermined

old 4u rackmount case

2x cheap 500 gb wd drives for the raid 1 $85

3x 2tb wd greens for the storage $230

totaling 625 minus taxes and psu

I plan on using the onboard raid until I can afford a decent hardware solution and a 5in3 backplane for easy access. Thats basically it for now, looking for suggestions to save cost or improve the build. I know the greens arent the best for raid but they're cheap and the RE4 drives are about the same price for 500gigs:(

enaberif June 12, 2011 09:10 AM

If your using the onboard raid your better off getting a bunch of disks to start as you can't expand software raid meaning if you wanted to add more drives to the system you'd have to backup the entire array and then start again.

Second you are aware of the sleep problem on the WD Greens?

leland459 June 12, 2011 09:30 AM

Yes i was aware of the sleep issue with the greens, thought I might give them a try and use them for backup drives once I got the controller and new disks.
But then again I dont want to drop good drives from the array albeit temporary. Are the Hitachi deskstars any good? I dont really want to shell out on blacks or re4's if I can avoid it and haven't had good experience with seagate.

Lanboy June 12, 2011 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by leland459 (Post 523892)
I thought about going for a NAS box but wanted the ability to do more and expand as my needs grew.

In that case I suggest WHS , not the WHS 2011, it will give you expendability , and best thing, in case of problem you just place the HD in any pc to retrieve your data.

Rison June 13, 2011 10:39 AM

Your WD green drives will fail in any form of RAID. I would not suggest even trying it.
The EARS drives require special formatting, and if it isn't formatted properly the disk blanks itself out (loses MBR) and is unreadable.. not to mention the timing issue with the drive dropping out of the array. It's a setup for failure. I wouldn't recommend WD blacks for a raid either - they tend to drop from the array too.
RE4 GPs will work well, but are more expensive obviously.

WHS is probably the best use with the WD EARS greens. It's basically SBS Server 2003, and properly formats the EARS drives (as far as I know).
WHS also hates RAID setups. I haven't successfully setup a RAID 1 for WHS.. my suggestion is to install WHS on the smaller 500GB drive (don't have the 2TB greens installed when you install the OS) then when you have all the users and folders setup - join the 2TB drives to the WHS, then ghost / duplicate the 500GB OS drive for backup. Even though WHS has a pretty good recovery system in place.. I tend to Ghost everything anyways.

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