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nihlus January 31, 2011 04:56 PM

upgrade blues
I think it's kind of rude for my first post to be a help thread. But I have a need + some spare funds. I have done about two weeks of research and I am still having some difficulty coming to a comfortable decision. In any case, I will be heading to microcenter (or just doing the new egg thing) tomorrow.

1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. A lot of gaming, Mostly mmo (Rifts) and strat games, with some fps/rpg thrown in for good measure. I am a Linux SA by profession, So I might give Linux gaming ago as well.

2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread. $700

3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from. USA

4. IF YOU have a brand preference. That means, are you an Intel-Fanboy, AMD-Fanboy, ATI-Fanboy, nVidia-Fanboy, Seagate-Fanboy, WD-Fanboy, etc, etc, etc, you get the picture. No preference, current board supports crossfire, not sli however.

5. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, what those parts are.
CPU: e8400 @ 3.8ghz
GPU: HD4850
CASE: Antec 900
PSU: Corsair 750w

6. IF YOU have searched and/or read similar threads? Yes, as always there are a lot of conflicting opinions, and since i am upgrading my hardware load out is a tad different.

7. IF YOU plan on over-clocking or run the system at default speeds? My e8400 is clocked at 3.8ghz, cant seem to breach 4ghz mark. So if over-clocking grants a significant performance boost (anything over 10%) then I will try it.

8. WHEN do you plan to build it? Since I am using some old parts, probably tomorrow, definitely before Rifts launch (March 1st)

9. What resolution do you use? I will be running 19x12 on a 27" screen (I also have a 50" 3d plasma that might get some use)

So I have been looking at a single 580 and when I upgrade the board get one that is sli compatible. Dual 6*50's with 6*70 firmware upgrade, maybe a single radeon + a an upgrade to a 2500k chip + board. I will also grab a SSD for the OS and MMO. currently on a 1680 monitor atm, can take back the 27" samsung and (2770H) and put it towards other parts instead. Also will the wolfdale

Thanks for reading my long winded post.

jcmaz January 31, 2011 10:14 PM

I agree on getting the 580; it will be the better performance booster in 19X12 res.

Luay79 February 1, 2011 02:48 AM

580 only for 1440 and up to 1600. Up to 1200 single display stick with a 570, 6950 or 560.

nihlus February 1, 2011 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by Luay79 (Post 480709)
580 only for 1440 and up to 1600. Up to 1200 single display stick with a 570, 6950 or 560.

So are you saying, for 1080p go crossfire?

Luay79 February 1, 2011 06:03 AM

Not really. 580 was referring to the GPU? @1920x1080, a single GTX 570, HD6950 1GB or GTX 560 will do fine. I was saying that GTX 580 is overkill @1920x1080 to 1200 in today's games and gives you the performance you want when played @ 2560x1440 to 1600.
One more thing, I'm guessing your motherboard says CF only, but those usually support 8x4 lanes so I would only install CF on a board that supports both SLI & CF @ 8x8.

nihlus February 1, 2011 06:22 AM

Newegg.com - GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard

does both pcie slots at 8x, So I will look at a single 570 or 6950 in 1080p and see what thier performance is. I normally look at minimal frames, I want something that will stay 50+ frames minimum at 1080p.

Mr. Gruntsworthy February 1, 2011 07:32 AM

He's got a similar build to me. If all you're planning on doing is gaming, a graphics card might be the only thing to upgrade; So far (that I have noticed) my processor or RAM have not bottlenecked me in any games.

nihlus February 1, 2011 07:49 AM

lol, I think you've stolen my pc. I built the thing for Warhammer online back in 08 I think. So the real confusion for me is single high end card, dual high end, or dual mid tier. I believe Luya is saying I only need a single mid tier for 19x12 res. I figure I can get 2-3 more years out of the e8400. I want a gfx solution that will last that long as well.

proxy February 2, 2011 10:56 AM

I'll agree with everyone else here. GPU is the only thing to upgrade, get a quality single card solution and forget about getting a crossfire/SLI board. $300 should get you a more than adequate GPU for your needs.

nihlus February 2, 2011 11:08 AM

Something to add. I have been looking into eyefinity. I will probably pick up 2 more 27" monitors on the 15th. CF still a bit much? Is my periferal vision worth $900 (300 card, 280 per monitor).

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