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adso69 November 27, 2010 06:04 PM

DDR3 1600 compatibility issues and 1st PC build doubts... HELP!
Hello and thank you for your time and help.

I'm preparing all the ingredients for my first self-built PC. No matter how much I read, there is always something new around the corner:shok:. But it looks like I'm getting somewhere.

At the moment, my motherboard of choice for the project is Gigabyte GA X58A UD-5 coupled with an i7 950 processor. The GPU shifts between Radeon HD6870 and nVIDIA GTX470 (but looks like the latter: I got a good offer on Gigabyte's O.C. version). I'm not planning to go into SLI or Crossfire at the moment. The HDD should be Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB (maybe in the future, SSD for OS and a second HDD for space). I intend to get a BluRay reader/DVD reader-recorder (very likely LG), multicard reader, bluetooth connector (via USB, I guess).

Still in doubt about the case, I was thinking of Thermaltake V4, or V6, Black edition (plus 3 nox knik 12" fans, or something like that), Thtk element G, or Thtk element S (always fond of this one); maybe NZXT Phantom (would it be a little large?, but then what a design!). Comments?

So, if there is room enough, why not use the Noctua NH-D14 (one of the best among the best, but LARGE), or the NH-C12P SE14 (to help cool places around CPU's socket). Advices on this choice?

About Power source, the point is how much do I really need? I know that with a 1000W everything'll be powered enough, but seriously... Remember the "Shrek" first film, when after rescuing princess Fiona they get back and get the first glance at Lord Farquaad's towering castle? I need something adequate for this platform, not something to compensate errr... Well, if you remember Donkey's speech, you get the picture. The thing is: 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750 watts? Till I met GTX470 (specially Gigabyte's overclocks) 600W seemed more than enough. But with all its demands and CPU/case fans cooling... And also: if in 1-2 years time I try SLI, wich?

And finally, I would like to use, with this CPU and MoBo, a DDR3 1600 memory kit. But I haven't found a compatibility list or something like it, and I am, well, yes, afraid of making some stupid mistake on this. So if the DDR3 1600 is fine I would appreciate hints on volts (1.5 v, 1.65 v, 1.9 v and so on, are SO different, or even some voltages are impossible to use with my intended build? Wich are acceptable?) and timings: CL9, CL8,... Please, try not to laugh too loud, I'm a real newbie but promise to do my best.

If you made it this far, your effort is greatly appreciated. This is my first post and thread here and, being spanish, I hope you could get through understanding at least part of my needs... Help! and a very big THANK YOU.

stoanee November 27, 2010 06:17 PM

I would go for a quality 850 watt, it should be adequate for some time unless you really go crazy with GTX480's or something like that. As far as ram voltages go, I would get a low voltage kit as it gives you more headroom if you decide to overclock. 1.66v is pretty much the limit for safe overclocking of the I7, although many have exceeded that.

BrianHanna November 27, 2010 06:39 PM

My 750watt power supply is currently powering 2 6850s overclocked, and an i7 overclocked to 4ghz.

a single 470 uses around 80 more watts at load i think, so x2, that's 160 more watts at load than what im handling at 750.

so i would recommend at least an 850watt power supply for sli.

eunoia November 27, 2010 07:35 PM

I looked up the same question for a new build with the same motherboard. The Qualified Vendors List is here:


The RAM I bought is Patriot DDR3 1600 8-8-8 and not on the list, but I'm not overly worried.

NCIX has an i7 950 bundled with a Noctua - NH-12P SE2 (2 fans) for $309.99, not quite the NH-D14, but still among the top air coolers.

Welcome to the boards and good luck with your build!

ZZLEE November 28, 2010 12:26 PM

Fore X58 bords sets of 3 sticks so 3 or 6 sticks fore best preformace and DDR3 Tripple channel.

there was some Mushkins in BST section yesterday :biggrin:

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