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Old November 11, 2010, 01:52 PM
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Default Lan PC build suggestion

I'm tired of breaking my back hauling my heavy water cooled 700D to my friend's house every weekend and dropping it once putting a big dent on the case.. o.o;;

so im thinking of building a small portable lan pc that i can bring with me easily.

For the vid card I'm probably going to move my gtx275 from my main rig to this one as it can run most games i play at high to ultra quality w.o much problem (sc2, l4d2). So the main question is what is the minimum cpu/mobo i should go for which wont hold back an oc'd gtx275 and future upgrades to mid/high range dx11 cards like gtx460/6870's. Also, its been a yr since i built my last rig so im not sure abt what good mATX mobos are out there today. Took a quick look under the mATX mobo section at NCIX (socket AM3 and 1158) and most of them seem like low end htpc mobos w. integrated graphichs, are they any good for OC? Keep in mind this rig is purely for gamming and maybe for my parents/sis during the week so it doesnt have to be some high end rig, just enough to play most multiplayer games with atleast mid/high settings.

As for the case, I've been looking around for some small cases and i really like the silverstone sg07 or the sg03 (cant really put a proper cpu cooler on this one thou). Does anyone have experiences with the two cases? and are there other suggestions for a small easy to carry lan cases?
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