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Old August 26, 2010, 07:43 PM
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more realistically an antec green 500 will be more than enough even with the 460 for his build

you can get an sli mobo if you think you need to have the upgradability path laid down before you just in case

i would seriously consider the amd build. i threw together on paper a cheap build for a frend very recently, although he chose another video card and hes quite happy with the duallie. saved him roughly 350 dollars from what his initial choice was.
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Old August 26, 2010, 09:04 PM
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My System Specs


I would stick to Nvidia for a video card for sure if you are looking at Linux in the future. They have better driver support. The GTX460 is the best value in your price range currently but would be overkill for just WoW. It will handle anything you want to throw at it though!

For CPU/Mobo, I would suggest sticking to P55 and i5. The i5 750 and a P55 mobo (I can't suggest any myself) will save you a lot of money and I doubt you will notice the performance difference unless you do serious video/photo editing or something along those lines.

For a PSU I would stick to 650 or 750w. The 750 you have now is nice because if you ever want to SLI in the future it would be more than enough. However, with the 650 you would still be able to run 2 460's just with a little less breathing room. I would go for the HX650 and save a bit more cash again. A quality PSU is a good thing to have in a build because everything else relies on it... if you buy a bad brand of PSU, you could (potentially, but mind you this doesn't happen very often) kill one or several of the components in your rig.

For a first time builder I would get a nice, roomy case. Maybe a 700d? It REALLY helps a lot to have a nice case. Working in cramped spaces with crappy cable management can really be a turn off. It will also make your rig look nicer (depending on your preferences), be quieter/cooler with the right case, and in general be a lot nicer. Modular PSU's help out a LOT here too.

An SSD really helps out a lot I have heard. No experience with one myself. I would suggest the OWC 40GB as I have heard it is one of the best around ($100US retail price).

You may want a CPU cooler to cut down on the noise and allow for overclocking if you wish to later. I suggest looking at some of the top ones from HWC reviews - Thermaltake Frio, Gelid Tranquilo, Coolermaster Hyper 212+ (getting slightly outdated but very cheap), and the Megalehems if you really want a nice cooler (note: if you do decide on this, you will need a fan. ask if you need suggestions).

Finally you may want a fan controller.... NZXT Sentry 2 (reported to have issues, mine doesn't), Lamptron FC-5 and FC-6, Sunbeam Rheobus, and Zalman 6 channel (IIRC) are all good ones for $20-50.

Overall sounds like
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Old August 26, 2010, 11:04 PM
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I agree with Sushi and the others on the 460 1GB card, your gaming habits may change later on, so it will help give you the upper hand when that happens.

I like the way Sushi was going, the i5 750 is a great cpu and the Asus P7P55D-E Pro would be an excellent board to compliment it for sure.

You will need to get dual channel memory for that board, 4GB (2x2GB) of DDR3-1600 is the sweet spot atm. G Skill, Corsair, Mushkin are my preferences.

I would stay with the HX750 for the breathing room it will give, even you do just get 2 460 1GB cards and run them in SLI. Maybe consider the AX750 as its Gold certified, instead of Silver certified like the HX750.

Instead of the HAF 922 or even the Corsair 700D, consider something like the Corsair 600T instead. It takes lessons learnt from the 800 & 700D's and puts them into a mid tower case The CM 690 II Advanced was also another great case suggestion to look at as well.

For SSD's, ask Akg (I think I got his name right) as he is the resident guru when it comes to them! For your HDD, I would choose a Seagate 7200.12 or WD Caviar Black 1TB drive.

The Frio, Tranquillo, Hyper 212+, Venomous X etc are all great performers! Mayber consider the Corsair H70 if you want to try out a self contained water cooling unit instead.

The liteon is a cheapie for an optical drive, you can check out Asus, LG or Pioneer's offerings instead as they are all great makers. A blu-ray combo drive can be bought for around $100 if your just after a blu-ray reader/dvd burner.

I really prefer a Samsung monitor myself, the BX2440X or the 2443BW are top 2 that impressed with

Good luck with your build
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Old August 27, 2010, 10:27 AM
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My System Specs

Smile New Builds

A lot of the suggestions were ones I would recommend. I like the 1366 setup though, and I have that board, which has been great so far, no issues whatsoever, easy to understand and overclock with.
As for case, that's subjective, as you have to like the look. The Cooler Master HAF series are quite good. Lian Li are very nice but a bit pricey. From what I've read, the Corsair cases are best for wc systems.
I would recommend the Intel X-25 80 gb Mainstream for my OS, as AkG has mentioned that it's very good for that and with a SSD you want to leave a reasonably good amount of empty space to prolong the life. Then perhaps a WD 600gb Velociraptor. If the WD V seems too much then consider the Samsung 1 tb or Wd Black 1tb 6gb/sec HDD for storage.
I happen to like Mushkin memory but any lifetime warranty such as Corsair, Patriot and G Skill are good
The psu is good if you decide to sli in the future. A bit extra leeway won't stress the unit as much, thereby prolonging its life.
As with the others, I would also recommend a GTX 1 gb from EVGA.
It looks like a sweet build. Have fun assembling it and enjoy the new system.
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