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Old August 12, 2010, 07:42 PM
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Default Questions about ASUS P6X58D and ROG Extreme boards

I am proceeding (fitfully) with my first build and (not surprisingly) have a question. I am focused on two boards: the ASUS P6X58D Premium and the ASUS ROG Extreme III. I tend to like the former at the moment because it strikes me as being a more stable platform. Also, it offers support for the forthcoming 32nm architecture (Sandy Bridge?), which is something to consider. It's not perfect, as the PCI-e slots are pretty close together when one is running today's "brick" GPUs. In addition I understand that it doesn't support TRIM functions for SSDs. Is this correct? I believe that this has something to do with the board's Marvell controller? If so, then I understand that W7 has TRIM functions that one can enable. Is this true? Would the lack of TRIM support on the board be compensated by support for it in W7? How would this affect an initial installation?

The ROG, I believe, does support TRIM. But, as stated above, I am somewhat concerned about its stability. It, too, has some unique features, such as the Blutooth OC function via an iPhone or what have you. Plus, its PCi-e slots are more spaced out for more "breathing" room, which is something to consider given how hot the GPUs can run these days. I'm not sure about 32nm processor support though.

I really wish the mobo makers would spend a bit more time perfecting things before they unleash them on the public.

Another question: is it possible to use pre-made "braided" cables to replace the "normal" cables that come with your system and hardware? What if you elected to replace the cables that came with your modular PSU, would this cause warranty trouble? Ditto for, say, GPU cables, etc.?
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My System Specs


Neither of the two boards you mentioned will support Sandy Bridge. They merely have support for the 32nm Gulftown Core i7 CPUs. Just about all X58 boards will support 32nm CPUs, although older ones will need BIOS updates.

The Rampage III Extreme is the better of the two boards. It's the highest-end board in ASUS' X58 lineup.

The SATA controller built into the chipset will work fine with TRIM. I don't know about the SATA3 ports run off the Marvell controller.

I don't know why you're concerned about the stability of the Rampage III Extreme. Stability issues with motherboards in general are largely a thing of the past, and the RIIIE certainly doesn't have any major issues.

Braided cables to replace what? You should never replace the cables that come with a modular PSU. However, you can braid or sleeve them yourself if you want, and most other wires inside a PC can be interchanged without issue.
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i have the p6x58d and love it. i haven't had any issues with it yet. and yes the pci-e slots are close together making my 2 5770's close and friendly. i have the following configuration.

p6x58d premium
5x 40GB intel ssd in raid 5
1x lg blu-ray burner
2x wd 1tb sata III
2x xfx 5770 (brick style)
core i-7 930
12GB corsair xms ram (6 sticks)
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