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Old June 20, 2010, 09:52 PM
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My System Specs


the monitor didn't arrive yet hoping tomorrow, as for my new build everything was working great! until the proc decided to suicide itself :( now i gota rma it...
yeah i finsihed my build 2 days ago i had a few wtf? moments
for example:
for the cooler master 212 cooler, i had a dual r4 2000rpm config but when i snapped on the brackets and it would slide up and down and i almost droped one... :P
what i missed was that there where rubber pads i had to put over the screw... man after an hour of looking through stuff i find a rubber pad in my pile of hardware:P
so yeah back to the cpu....
so i o.c it to 3700 mghz and i run amd overdrive (to make sure its stable) and watched my temps from three other apps, so after 30 minutes of the temps being at a constant 35c which is half the maximum heat the 1090t can take.... so i turn of my comp go to bed.... the next day i turn on my comp, andthe motherboard led shows the cpu isn't responding... but for those 2 other days i was gaming on my old monitor (a shitty 3 year old hp one (19 inch)) everything was great the mouse, keyboard and headset where great!!
im glad you rebuild worked out for ya!

here is where i posted my pics of the comp and of my messy room when i finished:
my leo build

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Old June 21, 2010, 12:17 PM
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My System Specs


I just looked at the pics... Nice build... But one piece of advice... Turn your CPU heatsink 90 degrees so the airflow from the fans gets shot straight out the back. This will give a more unrestricted airflow for the CPU heatsink fan.. Also because the air that the CPU is taking in with that setup is right above the graphics card (which kicks back a lot of heat, even from the top side of it) it's cooling efficiency will be considerably reduced, because of how hot the graphics card can get. So the air it's taking in will already be warmer than it would be if you rotated the heatsink to the correct direction. This will be especially important considering you're planning to overclock it. Hope that helps.

I'll see if I can get some batteries for my camera and I'll post some pics of my build as well. I haven't had any hardware failures yet though... Sorry to hear you issues.

BTW: I love the proper workbench you have in your bedroom... I actually wish I had a proper setup like that in my room growing up. Really nice.

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