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shaman44 March 30, 2010 09:46 AM

Please advise if this is a good buy.
My neighbour built this two months ago and has offered to sell tio me for $895

Processor: Intel i7 920 Quad core.
Motherboard: EVGA X58 SLI.
Memory: OCZ Platinum OCZ3P16006GK 6GB DDR3 3X2GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 CL 7-7-7-20
Videocard: BFG Tech nVidia GTX 275 OC, 896MB
Power: PC Power @ Cooling Silencer 750 Quad, 750 W
Antec 300 case, Logitech optical mouse, logitech keyboard, LG DVD writer.

What do you think of the build?


SugarJ March 30, 2010 10:28 AM

If hard drive and OS are included, that's close to what it's worth buying/selling used parts.

Arinoth March 30, 2010 10:45 AM

Well lets play the what would all those things cost right now game.

For brand new, i've looked the cheapest i can find anything, including considering the mouse and keyboard are in total 40$, this is what i come out with pre-taxes total brand new: 1233.38$ with about 40$ in MIR. The total with taxes would come too 1381.39$

Now your neighbour is selling this thing for $895, which is a difference of about 486.39$. Essentially he's selling it at 35% its current market value (most likely closer to 40% since things always get cheaper). I would say its a good deal for you

scruff March 30, 2010 11:41 AM

I would grab it , if everything is as advertised it's a good deal

shaman44 March 30, 2010 01:17 PM

no OS and Hard Drive. I have 2 spare 500 GB WD HD and a Windows XP Home Edition. Maybe its about time to get into Windows 7.

Patramix March 30, 2010 01:45 PM

windows 7 x 64bit would be a good idea on a pc like that, am running Pro and i love it, but home would suffice for most users

Mr. Gruntsworthy March 30, 2010 06:18 PM

Even without the OS and hard drives (essentially only what's listed) seems like a pretty good deal.

You're going to need a 64 bit version of windows to use anything over 3GB of that RAM, so you might as well get Windows 7.

If you don't mind my asking, what's your current PC's specs? the 'improvement' factor also plays into if it's worth paying for or not :P

shaman44 March 30, 2010 06:41 PM

AMD X2 4400+, A8N32SLI Deluxe, 2GB RAM and BFG GX260 superclocked (which I just purchased 1 week ago). I love the system. Runs great and about the only game I have problem with is Crysis Warhead.

Since I don't overclock I was wondering if a simple change of CPU and mobo will suffice. I was planning to upgrade to a AMD 550 BE, Asus M4A Evo and RAM, about $300.

The 550 BE runs faster than the i7 920 at stock speed (3.1 GHZ vs 2.66 GHZ). So in gaming which is all I use the computer for wouldn't the 550 be faster? OR am I being too simplistic.

Mr. Gruntsworthy March 30, 2010 06:47 PM

Games are moving towards multithreading, which means they'll take use of multiple cores.

Personally, I think it would be worth it for you to buy that pc.

And in terms of raw gigahertz, clock speed really means nothing. A Pentium 4 @ 3GHz (WITH hyperthreading) would get kicked in the ballsack by an E8400 with one of it's cores disabled. It's all about the work done per clock cycle that counts. Then, don't forget about speedboost; the i7 will automatically self-overclock depending on workload and temperatures.

shaman44 March 30, 2010 07:00 PM


Been out of the hardware market for quite a while now.

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