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Old February 15, 2010, 09:01 PM
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Default Need help with an 800$ build.

Hello Hardware Canucks,
As you can probably see by my post count, I'm a total newb here. I have come to this lovely forum in search of help, specifically, help with making a computer. I remember being entangled in this scene 2-3 years ago, back when I was building my first gaming comp. I have, however, since then, not dabbled in keeping up with the news and I have completely fallen behind. I have searched the forum for topics very similar to what I am going to ask, but, I found the multitude of answers too confusing (in the sense that, I couldn't find one exact build that suited what I needed). I hope you can help me; I shall now fill out the survey.

1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing.
Some pretty intensive gaming, mostly online. I also multitask quite a bit, having lots of the Adobe Suite open at one time.

2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread
I have 800$ (CAN) total. That's with shipping and handling, taxes, etc. My complete and total unburstable limit is 850$.

3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from.

4. IF YOU have a brand preference. That means, are you an Intel-Fanboy, AMD-Fanboy, ATI-Fanboy, nVidia-Fanboy, Seagate-Fanboy, WD-Fanboy, etc, etc, etc, you get the picture.
Honestly, I don't know anymore. Before I really liked nVidia and Intel, but, I am aware things have changed and I'm not gonna be picky about it.

5. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, what those parts are.
Just my current mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

6. IF YOU have searched and/or read similar threads.
I certainly have, but I find all of them either go too high (budget-wise) or too low.

7. IF YOU plan on overclocking or run the system at default speeds.
If it's gonna run smooth and stable, I'll overclock for sure.

8. WHEN do you plan to build it?
Sometime in the next 3 months; most likely very soon.

9. What resolution do you use?
Currently I'm using 1280x1024, and I'm gonna use the same one with my new PC. But that is only temporarily as I plan on buying a better monitor (22") later down the road, when my budget permits me doing so.

Anyway, I'd be really glad for the help.
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Old February 15, 2010, 09:35 PM
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My System Specs

Default Over buget but just idea

PC Builder Preview

This system is close to 1000.00. Price match or see if you can find parts on sale. Just an Idea of what I would build right now.

Welcome to the forums
"EVGA hunted down the last dozen or so expats living in Karachi." SKY
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Old February 23, 2010, 06:40 PM
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My System Specs


Heres a build for you:
CoolerMaster Elite 310 Case: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=39592
Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 Motherboard: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=47584
AMD Phenom II X4 945 CPU: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=50691
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=49770
OCZ Platinum 4gb RAM: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=42869
OCZ Z-SERIES 650W Power Supply: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?s...6&promoid=1139
Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB Hard Drive: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=33883
Samsung DVD-RW: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=46792
Antec 120mm Case Fan(x2): http://ncix.com/products/index.php?s...ufacture=Antec

Total(After Mail-In Rebates, no shipping): $824.42

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