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Old November 24, 2009, 10:12 AM
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Red face Gaming Rig concerns and questions [i7/x58GT]

Had a few questions about a rig I'm about to order potentially. I'm not paying cash for it, it's being obtained in exchange for "Virtual" money of sorts, so I don't have a say in what comes with it unfortunately but it seems like a decent setup. Here's what he's sent me about it.

================================================== ========
Intel i7/920 @2.67 X8 cores Brand New
Thermaltake 700W
EVGA X58 SLI X3- 132-BL-E758-A1 Full registerable
4gigs Platium 4X1gigOCZ1333 DDR#3
WD 300Gig Velco Raptor@10K RPM's for gameing and for your OS
WD 500gig Barricuda@7200.12
EVGA 8800 ULTRA@612 Mhz// 2160 Memory Clock //1.51 Shader Clock//104 gigbytes bandwidth[/B
LG Super Burner
Zalman 5.1 Headphones &mic
Razer Lachesis Lazer Mouse & Kingwin Keyboard
]================================================== =========
[B]One of 4 choices the OS

2)XP Professional X64 Edtion
3)Vista Home Premium 32 &64 bit version
4) No OS
My concerns are the RAM mainly. I understand the motherboard included is a triple channel board and he's included 4x 1 sticks. Will this be a problem? I'm trying to talk him into making it 2x2 GB so I can at least triple channel if I need to, I'm just curious as to whether or not 4x1 would make much of an actual real world difference, especially in gaming which this computer will mainly be used for.

Another thing, my current rig is as follows: e8400, HD4850, EP-35, and 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. Am I going to see much of an increase for gaming or anything else for that matter? I believe my 4850 GPU is better so what I'm considering is swapping video cards and using the new system as my own and either selling the other system, giving it away as a gift or using it as a home theater PC. After reading how well the i7 does with SLI/Crossfire mode video cards I'm also considering something I always considered to be a waste of money - crossfiring another 4850 with my current one in that new rig.

Unfortunately I don't have $400 to drop into a video card around Christmas time so I'm wondering how much of a difference if any using 2x 4850 vs getting a new 5850 card would be with the i7. Or if it'd be worth it to hold off and wait till February when I can afford a new card [I probably won't be able to drop $400-500 on on at any time though]. I just really don't want to horribly bottleneck the i7 and I know the 8800 Ultra included is going to result in that.

Anything else I should note or consider? Thanks for any help. Obviously I'm new here but I look forward to being active in the community here.
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Old November 24, 2009, 06:23 PM
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I've decided it seems most priceerformance beneficial to go with the dual 4850s in Crossfire. I looked into a 5850 and while they are nice, it seems as though buying another 4850 and crossfiring them in the system will benefit me quite alright for the time being. The fact that the 5850 cards are low on stock and $40+ more than their usual expected price on account of that helps my decision even more.

The person I'm getting it from agreed to trade the RAM and he's going to pay the difference to get a set of triple channel DDR3 RAM [3x2 GB].
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Old November 27, 2009, 10:03 PM
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Now that the RAM issue has been sorted out, seems pretty good.

Where do I get this virtual money?
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Old November 28, 2009, 09:45 AM
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My System Specs


virtual money...
hmmm.. sounds familiar.. hahaha
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