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Mark September 24, 2009 05:49 PM

Marks new build critique
Sold off allot of my equipment so I'm looking at a new crazy build with the 5870. It will be water cooled and I have the solution from my pre-existing system in hand so it's just a matter of choosing the parts.

For sure:



Xeon L7455 with 65W TDP and 2.13GHz clock speed
Istanbul Opteron
or just the i7/Phenom II X4

...not sure


Gigabyte this time around i7 with the P55-UD5 is a nice combo
Phenom II X4 965BE
ZK-LN2 pot rev.1

Don't know yet.

Drives SSD

Don't know yet.

Memory - not sure.

Budget $2000.00

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