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Nerdy September 3, 2009 05:58 PM

Second Build
My last build which was quite a while ago is not in my possesion as I was forced to give it up to my younger brother. So I have a great laptop for the time being but I want to play some Far cry 2 on high again.

1. Games, and the occasional video rendering and Photoshop

2. Budget is again $3000-3500 CAD after taxes

3. Canada, Ncix :canadianwave:

4. Intel fanboy

5. No reusable parts

6. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...ing-build.html slightly similar budget. But I got some questions.

7. I do plan on overclocking but no watercooling. Just a simple aftermarket HSF

8. When all the parts are available at NCIX.

Questions: :help:
1. Should I go for lga 1156 and the core i7 860 cause the mobo will be cheaper than x58? Core i7 860 has higher clock and turbo mode, and it out performs the 920 on stock settings (duh faster clock) but would it be a good overclocking processor? Better than 920? I got my old 920 to 3.8ghz on air.

2. When will the Radeon HD5870 X2 come out? Is september 10th the paper lanuch or hard lanuch of 5XXX series then the hard lanuch being in october possibly? and does it include the X2? If it doesn't should I get two 5870 in crossfire ($299 each?) I don't want to wait until Q1 2010 for the gtx 300 series.

3. Is Sata 3 worth the wait? When will Sata 3 SSD or Hard Drives come out?or will it be possible to have an extension go into a empty PCIE slot?

4. Are SSD on the verge of a price drop in the next 6 months.

5. If I got x58 is there a 6-core coming out in 2010? that I could upgrade to, even though games rarely use 4 cores :haha:

6. Should I extend my budget, would it be worth it? I can extend it to $4000-4250 max
7.Was usb 2.0 a failure? so is usb 3.0 going to be a failure aswell?

8. I am not a enthusiast just a gamer should I get a 30" monitor for 2560x1600 depending on my gpu?

9. Is it easy and trouble free to install a aftermarket cooler on my graphic cards? Does it void the warranty.

Kilauea September 3, 2009 06:19 PM

I can answer a few questions, but surely not all of them.

6. I don't think you should extend your budget. I am sure you can get an amazing rig at that price. Adding more money will yield small benefits when in those price range. I would actually possibly suggest to go a little cheaper to give you money that's ready for your next upgrade (in a year maybe), but then again if you are ready to shell out that much money, I guess u don't really need to save for an upgrade.

7. I don't see USB 2.0 as a failure. Sure transfer speeds aren't amazing, but I find them good enough for my needs. If you need faster, there is eSata. USB 3.0 will be faster (obviously), but if I remember right, only 10 times faster. It is good, but not life changing.

8. I certainly would enjoy gaming on a 30in monitor. Of course that will imply the need for a very powerful GPU, but that's not a problem in our current case.

9. I can't complain about the trouble related to installed an aftermarket cooler on the GPU. I can only assume it is similar to adding one to the CPU, but don't quote me on that. As for the warranty, it depends on the GPU manufacturer. If I am not mistaken XFX (I am sure) and EVGA's warranty aren't void if you install (properly) an aftermarket cooler.

My turn to ask you a question, what parts do you need exactly ?

Nerdy September 3, 2009 06:53 PM

I need all the parts,
including monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset (no speakers please), OS

The big issue I have is lga 1156 or lga 1366, I would gladly in 6 months upgrade to a 6 core processor but I am not sure the lga 1156 will support one while I have heard rumours the lga 1366 will.

What options seems like the way to go? 1156 or 1366? I don't need all the features of 1366 but I would love the 6 core if it comes out in 2010. 1156 is cheaper so I could save some money.

grifter11 September 4, 2009 01:39 AM

Isn't socket 1156 for Core I5 and Socket 1366 for Core I7.

Nerdy September 4, 2009 02:20 AM

the core i7 860 is lga 1156 and beat the 920 at standard clocks (higher clocked than 920 duh)

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