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Old June 17, 2009, 08:58 PM
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My System Specs


I also recommend another headset. I've used pretty much every Logitech headset ever produced and this one was biggest and most uncomfortable. But I'm against the Steelseries 3H recommendation, Steelseries 4H (which is a superb headset) is as low as you want to go with that brand (if you want to buy up-market); I have the headset. And you might also want to find a smaller, faster hard disk drive--the "Green"-branded drives from manufacturers are typically targeted at energy-conscious, massive-array business solutions.

You might fancy an ATi RV770 (Radeon 4870/4850) over the outdated G92 family... superb value in that chip family for sure. The MX518 tracks very well on almost any surface, so no real need for a special pad unless your desk surface is sticky or worn out. Stelseries Ikari mouse might be too big for you, though. A lot of my friends with a variety of hand postures outright detest mine. It's also moulded in a manner which you cannot pick up the mouse with one hand. So when you run out of space to move around, that's it. You need to be a very high-mouse sensitivity gamer.

Overall, things seem spot-on and well-chosen. Good luck out there!
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Old June 17, 2009, 09:19 PM
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Is the creative fatal1ty headset any good for gaming. Especially to hear people creeping up on you in fps and hearing where they are?
Basically is it a good sound quality.
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Old June 17, 2009, 10:03 PM
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My System Specs


oshi..i think i've become an intel fanboi lol..anyways just reread some benches and yea your right realityshift -.-". Havent really kept up with AMD in the past while

And to price match, go to your cart viewing page, at the very bottom is the button 'price match', Just FYI, you can't price match with the ncix special deals.

They usually let you price match everything as long as its not 'below cost' for them. I've only heard a few instances where they refused it
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Old June 18, 2009, 12:53 AM
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Im not a huge fan of the fatalitys, their small ear cups dont fit your ear inside they sit on the ear so IMHO hella uncomfortable. Amon ive used the ikaris and have NEVER had troubles picking it up with 1 hand? you must have extremely small hands or something because it works perfectly for me and is a highly rated highly used mouse these days. You may be right about the steelseries headset, then again plantronics isnt exactly high end but the 370 fits my ears perfectly, has decent positional audio abilities with my xfi card, has good mic reception, and best of all was dirt cheap ;) Sound quality wise the fatalities where actually pretty decent, and deffinetly better then the logitechs, but I personally had a lot of issues with them on a comfort level.

You might fancy an ATi RV770 (Radeon 4870/4850) over the outdated G92 family
the GTS 250... G92 family, performs equally to the 4850, the GTX 260 Core 216 out performs the 4870 ;) Pretty hard to call the G92 out dated when ATI took so long to compete with it lol.
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