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I hear yah - but seeing how cheap Hard drives are and how easy it is to stream hidef - I can see myself with 10+ drives within 1yr. My initial drive count will be 2 to 3 (WD10EADS 1TB HDD), at $120-140/drive, I plan on buying 2-3 every 2nd or 3rd month.
I was thinking maybe a start with a full ATX tower with growing capacity for 10+ drives for more storage in time.
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Old March 20, 2009, 09:37 PM
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My System Specs


Out of curiousity, can that Zotac board support high def audio? I notice that there's no mention of an SPDIF header on the board. The website states "sending vivid high-definition visuals and high-definition audio to high-definition displays over its DVI output, or HDMI output using the included DVI-to-HDMI adapter," but I didn't realize that was possible. Can an audio signal be output through a DVI port, and thus to the HDMI?
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100% correct - all the Gefore 8200/9300/9400 can do this.
Check out these 2 threads...
1) *Official* Zotac Geforce 9300 Mini-Itx HTPC Motherboard Thread - AVS Forum (Zotac 9300 offical thread on avsforum)
2) Guide to Building a HD HTPC - Page 85 - AVS Forum (Official how to build a HD HPTC with recommedation in lots of categories within Mini ITX, mATX with over 1.3 million views and almost 7000 posts - it seriously ridiculous, make sure u start at page 85 as its the most recent update, now at page 232)

I have read and read and there is soo much out there.

also - I hope I am not breaking any forum rules with the linkys to other forums.
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Old March 20, 2009, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
To best honest, I'd say go with a Quad core for the media server. From experience, streaming hi-def mkvs or similar over the network and can tax a dual core... So maybe something like a Q6600 or newer would be good. Other than that, I see no problems with your server PC.

As for the ITX boxes... I know you stated that you prefer Intel, but I'd highly suggest you look at a AMD solution for cheap ITX boxes based off this motherboard: = $135ea.
NCIX.com - Buy Zotac GF8200-C-E MINI-ITX AM2 GeForce 8200 DDR2 1PCI-E1 4SATA2 RAID GBLAN DVI VGA Motherboard - GF8200-C-E In Canada.
It has an 8200 integrated, HDMI integrated and even Wifi integrated if need be. The best part is, it's Cheap! Like cheap. I blinked twice when I saw the price of this. So with that motherboard in mind, try out these components:

Processor: 4850e (2.5Ghz Dual core - 45w TDP) = $75ea.
NCIX.com - Buy AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850E Dual Core Processor Socket AM2 2.5GHZ 2X512KB 65NM 45W Retail Box - ADH4850DOBOX In Canada.

RAM: Any? I'd Recommend one with a decent HSF though, since ITX boxes will doubtfully have lots of ventilation. My suggestion = $55ea after MIR
NCIX.com - Buy Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB 2X2GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL4-4-4-12 EPP Dual Channel Memory Kit - PDC24G6400LLK In Canada.

Case & PSU: Not much to say here, theyre cheap, look nice and have a decent 250w PSU integrated - should be more than enough. = $70ea.
NCIX.com - Buy Apex MI-008 MINI-ITX Case Glossy Black 1X5.25 1X3.5 1X3.5INT Sfx 250W Front Audio USB - MI-008 In Canada.

Optical drive / DVD burner = Make sure theyre SATA, and get some 90 degree connectors to install them, you'll thank me later for that part, lol.

Finally, CPU cooler, You Might be able to get the stock AMD HSF in there, but some reviews I've read said theres only 50mm or so of clearance for it. Sooooo...

Either try a passive copper cooler like this one = $30ea.
NCIX.com - Buy Dynatron A46G 1U Server CPU Heatsink for AMD Socket AM2 - A46G In Canada.


Try a low-profile cooler like this (but it'll be noisier) = $29ea.
NCIX.com - Buy Silverstone Nitrogon NT07-AM2 AM2 Low Profile Heatsink Fan 1500-2500RPM 14.22-26.97DBA - NT07-AM2 In Canada.

TOTAL per ITX System: About $365 not including HDD or DVD burner (you might not even want to put one in them).

Hope all the info helps! Sorry for not getting to you sooner!

Wow you must have seen the DC order I made just 3 days ago.

Zotac GS8200-C-E ITX Motherboard
AMD BE-2400 oem
Silverstone Nitrogen N07-AM2 Low Profile Cooler
Buffalo Select 2gb dim (2gigs more on the way later this week)
Apex MI-008
Coolermaster 120MM Ultra Silent Fan (Near Silent exaust for the Apex case)
Seagate 7200.11 1TB (Already own this)

Minus the hard drive, which I already have, the total from DC was $329.48 shipped & insured. Not too shabby I'd say.

I've used the Apex case before & really like it. It has a capable yet very quiet power supply & just plain looks nice.

Should make a wicked & small HTPC if that's what you want. I'll actually be using it to run Proxmox VE & set up some virtual servers & appliances as both a proof of concept & a learning tool for myself & my business partner.

If you prefer to go the Intel route than you have to check out the Zotac GF9300-D-E. A wicked socket 775 board based on the Nvidia GeForce 9300 chipset. It's about $40 more costly than the Zotac GF8300 board & for an HTPC the AMD board will do great speciall when paired with a cheap 4850e or a BE-2400.

Be prepared though, ITX builds in my experience have to be approached very methodically given the size, room constraints & design of most ITX cases but are a blast.
GOD Is Good

AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU
Asrock AB350 Pro 4 Motherboard
Corsair LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 3200Mhz
Adata SX8000 256GB NVME Drive
Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 Drive
Corsair H105 AIO
Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Edition
EVGA Supernova 650 G3

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Originally Posted by Shftup View Post
I hear yah - but seeing how cheap Hard drives are and how easy it is to stream hidef - I can see myself with 10+ drives within 1yr. My initial drive count will be 2 to 3 (WD10EADS 1TB HDD), at $120-140/drive, I plan on buying 2-3 every 2nd or 3rd month.
I was thinking maybe a start with a full ATX tower with growing capacity for 10+ drives for more storage in time.
I found another coolermaster case that`s full-tower; the CoolerMaster ATCS840. But it only has six internal 3.5" bays.

What I can suggest again is go with my earlier suggestion; the CoolerMaster CAC-T05 Centurion5. It's a mid-tower; but it's nice n' cheap and includes a PSU (which you could always upgrade down the line to support the plethora of HDD's). $80 CDN at a local store, which I'm sure you can find it cheaper than that online.

It has 4 internal 3.5" bays, and 2 internal; which could be used for HDDs anyways since I doubt you'll put a floppy drive in it. That's six right there; and you can get some cheap 5.25-to-3.5 converters to turn 3 of the 4 5.25" bays into another spot to chuck in HDDs. That gives you nine HDD spots, and one spot for a DVD drive.

As well, instead of buying a multitude of 1TB hard drives, you could opt to find a nice LaGrange point between # of drives and storage capacity; and go along with WD or Seagate 1.5TB HDDs. Or, dare I even say, perhaps even try one or two of WD's 2TB Caviar Greens
Case: CoolerMaster HAF 932
CPU : Intel i7-5820K 6-core @ 3.3GHz
RAM : 32GB DDR4 2400MHz (G.SKILL Ripjaws)
HDD : Main: 240GB SSD SATA2 (Intel) Storage: 3TB SATA2 (WD Green) Backup: 500GB External USB (Hitatchi)
GFX : Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB
PSU : 750W Corsair Modular PSU
MoBo: Asus X99-A
View : Acer H213H 21.5" @ 1920 x 1080 + random 4:3 monitor

Level/Game Designer, Programmer

I run Durham 3D Printing, an online 3D Print shop!
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