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Old December 3, 2007, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
User reviews are generally not a good place to look for help in the computer arena. Most issues are a PICNIC; Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. Me and my friends all use Linksys routers and they work fine. I avoid D-Link like the plague as nothing I have ever used from them has worked well. I figure that is basically blind luck as others have the opposite experience. It sounds like you are looking for a simple solution. Considering these things are pretty cheap I suggest getting the cheapest one you can and try it out. If it does not serve the purpose then toss it and get something else to fix the problem or add needed functionality.

I suggest you look at the Apple Airport base station. The USB connector could be a great value add for a shared printer or backup drive.
The Asus I suggested has a built in print server
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Old December 17, 2007, 08:27 PM
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I'm no expert at networking but here is what I know from
working full time at computer stores; hearing personal reviews,
raves and complaints from co-workers to customers.

Linksys: Solid brand, since they are owned by Cisco (telecommunications company)
Performance wise, moderate.
For 802.11g: 54GL router, for 802.11n: WRT350N.

Belkin: Relatively good brand. Aesthetic wise, one of the best.
Performance wise, poor to moderate.
For belkin, stick with N1 wireless series.

D-Link: Middle of the road brand. Mass manufactured. Releases a new revision
or model every couple of months. Depends on preference.
Performance wise, from the input I got, it ranges from $h1t to Great.
(some people love em, some people hate em; there doesn't seem to be a neutral
assessment on their stuff)
For 802.11g: G rangebooster series, for 802.11n: extreme N series (with MIMO)

Asus: Good brand, hardware used is not highend, but reliable. Price is steep because
of branding.
Performance wise, poor to moderate.
(like most of their other products are... expensive cause it's ASUS)

Zio: Lower end hardware, but reliable; low end but doesn't seem to break down.
Performance wise, poor.

Well that's about what I know.

Personally, 802.11g is $h1t...
If you close a door, on a 802.11g, your signal will diminish greatly, or it could
even be disconnected.
You can severly degradate the reception of any 802.11g router if you stand
between it and the adaptor/computer with a fishbowl... I'm not joking... try it.
(has to do with the liquid inside the fishbowl)

I'm just thankful for the 802.11n; though it may still be in draft/testing stages
and not officially certified (the reason why Linksys doesn't greatly advertise/
promote their 802.11n series, but D-Link does )
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Old December 17, 2007, 10:34 PM
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I dunno, I'm not an expert in teh wireless interwebs, but I don't know why Belkin is poor. I've only been hearing good things about there new products, and my older one is holding up fine o_O
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Old December 17, 2007, 10:37 PM
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I have used many wireless routers so here is my rundown. I have to point out that even great hardware can be crippled by crap firmware & this happens all to often with wireless products.

Netgear: Very good products for the most part. Research not only the model you want but the firmware releases. In the past Netgear had some marginal firmware released but they are pretty good at releasing updates. I like their products.

Linksys: Very well known products with some of their better known models having great 3rd party firmware available for them as well. A good bet.

Motorola: Not very well known for wireless routers but just like some Belkin, Buffalo & USR wireless routers which can be based on Linksys models, things can get interesting with 3rd party firmware. I currently use an 850 model and it's rock solid.

SMC: Good products but the firmware tells the whole story here again. I've had ups & downs with SMC products due to firmware issues.

D-Link: I've actually had good experiences with the few D-Link products I have used but the net is full of stories about this brand.

Airlink: The quality is suspect. I had a Airlink G router which was the worst piece of wireless gear I have ever used. I still have a usb wireless dongle and it is so so at best. Not very well supported with timely firmware updates or drivers. There are much better out there.

Hope this helps.
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Old December 18, 2007, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by llama_egg View Post
I dunno, I'm not an expert in teh wireless interwebs, but I don't know why Belkin is poor. I've only been hearing good things about there new products, and my older one is holding up fine o_O
Belkin is poor ~ moderate depending on which series you use.

poor is their older wireless G series
moderate is their new N1 series (I have 2 belkin wireless routers G+ and N1)

For Netgear, it is either hit or miss.
I'm not sure if they are manufactured by two different independent factory
or not, but from what I know and hear, you either RMA that $h1t or keep
it until it dies out because it performs well.

Thus performance wise, it ranges from $h1t to great.
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