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My System Specs


ST what is the exact model you are using, and what is the sustained real-world throughput you can achieve using it? I've been curious about powerline for a while.
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by zoob View Post
ST what is the exact model you are using, and what is the sustained real-world throughput you can achieve using it? I've been curious about powerline for a while.
I'll grab the model numbers when I am home (or I'll dig my Receipts in my inbox at lunch LOL).
Sustained? Good question on that one, I'll run a test from server to wifes computer and back to see what I get.
As it stands, from what I was getting on an EnGenius Router + Bridge.....its 20x better.


*EDIT* - Found them - DHP-501AV

Good Units, have been utterly reliable so far.

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My System Specs


Thanks for the review, AkG!

How is latency with those units? While sustained bandwidth is great, latency is of concern if you want to remote desktop or play twitch shooters over the connection. That's one thing I noticed between powerline and WiFi - my 307E2 (older tech but the price was right) powerline has a lot more consistent pings than my combo of Linksys DIR-610N + WUSB600N even at 5 GHz.
That said, my house is a lot friendlier to powerline than WiFi since the garage and kitchen are in the direct line between the router and my brother's room...

 * PC
garage   /   kitchen
                   * router
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Im on a second floor right now, with a LOT of stuff between me and the router. Ping shows it to be 3ms at max with an avg of 2 on 5Ghz AC @ 800. On 2.4Hz @ 450 its 3ms avg with 4ms max. This is about the same as e4200v2....but at 450 instead of 300 ;)
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Thumbs down

I only use wifi occasionally, usually for late night internet while watching TV in bed. For everything else (including the back deck) it's CAT 5e and CAT 6. Fast and secure.

BTW. It's a pain to have to permit googleapis.com just to post properly on the forum.
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We currently have a Cisco/LinkSys E4200v2 N900 router and a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with Cox Cable here in RI as a provider. We have the second fastest speed-tier from Cox, with 32Down/15Up, using the 'SpeedTest' site speed evaluation.

My wife's computer is also in this room, and we do not have the two computers networked. She has Vista as an OS. We have no pressing need to have the two computers networked. She does no online gaming.

Would this Asus router and adapter card be an improvement over what I have currently for multi-player FPS gaming? (Our movie viewing with our Roku & Netflix in the nearby bedroom is working fine with the setup we have now.) My desktop is wired.

My computer:
Asus P8P67|i7-2600k|Corsair Vengeance 8GB|Radeon 5870|Xonar Essence ST|Win 7 64 bit
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