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botat29 December 27, 2012 04:41 PM

Some body else as problem with Sympatico
This Bell will make me turn crazy, it's 3 times I call them, since 2 week I lost my internet connection time to time, it's seems related with their DNS servers. I must not be the only one to have this problem ? My Teksavvy work great, but I need this Sympatico too as I have to many purchase and stuff link to my Sympatico account. Last time the noobs at Bell, want to Remote Desktop my PC, I say WTF , you have no right to come in my PC, aside I have quite few PCs here so it's not related to my PC, but to their modem or something on their side. I hate those stupid modem, Bell block everything. With Teksavvy everything is open.

rfglass December 27, 2012 10:10 PM

don't even get me going on sympatico, I moved ,told them 2 months in advance , they still billed my credit card for 3 months , I called them every time they did and said they would reverse the charges, they did'ny, had to call visa to block them, then they said they would send me a cheque in the mail for the 3 months' they did'nt. try another DNS server like OpenDNS Presents Umbrella i have used alot in the past and no issues

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