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Varroa November 2, 2012 06:52 AM

Wireless router returns to factory default on it's own?
I had a weird issue yesterday and I wanted to see if anybody has ever heard of this. I was in my router settings (mikrotik) and noticed that on Wednesday evening there were a bunch of new devices that connected to my home network (all android and blackberry phones). They were all connect to my non-guest/internal private network wirelessly (ie, the wireless account with the 64 bit encryption code). I found this a little hard to believe but while looking at the times of the connections I could tell that it was people who were out trick or treating (I guess as they got close to the house their phones automatically connect to my wireless network somehow). I tried logging into my the wireless access point (an old Dlink DIR-655 router setup as an access point with DHCP turned off) but it wasn't showing up on my network via it's assigned IP. It also was no longer broadcasting it's SSID but there was a new generic "dlink" access point available. This new access point was not encrypted and had full access to the internet. I unplugged the wireless router and the Dlink access point disappeared (so now I knew it was mine). I unplugged the wireless router from my network and I was able to access it via a cable using the default IP and it had lost all it's settings and it was running at factory defaults for everything. It seems that the access point somehow reset itself to the factory settings without any input from a user (that I can tell at least). Anybody ever seen this before? I am also a little worried that what ever happened allowed people full access to my network.

moocow November 2, 2012 09:09 AM

My Linksys running factory, DDWRT, or Tomato firmwire never had that problem. Just how old is this router or did you have a power loss that messed up with its memory? While a power lost shouldn't reset the onboard memory, it may be a possibility. Personally, given that it's a DLink, weird stuff like that doesn't surprise me.

PS: I quick Googled your problem and it seem to be an issue with a lot of DLink routers.

Varroa November 3, 2012 01:14 PM

We have the router on a UPS so there shouldn't have been any power surges. The router is maybe 4 years old. I found the same thing as you, the DLinks are known for this. I am thinking of upgrading to a Mikrotik wireless router router for my wifi needs.

Varroa November 13, 2012 08:15 AM

Router just did it again so I have pulled it out of my network permanently and temporarily replaced it with a Airport Express.

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