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sakage.shinga October 5, 2012 04:47 PM

Problem moving network drive to new computer
Hi guys,

I have an emergency here. Our office computers all belong to the same domain and can see each other, although each computer is password protected. One of the computers has an external hdd plugged in via USB and is acting as a network drive for everyone. That computer runs XP and is now being replaced with a new computer running windows 7.

The problem is that when I plugged in the external hdd (WD Nomad, I think) into the new desktop computer, it shows up as a hdd but is not seen by the other computers at all. I went back into the old one and re-plugged the external back in, and I can see it fine on the other computers. I also see that on the old computer, the external hdd isn't being shared as a folder.

Can anyone help me solve this? Basically I need the external hdd to be plugged into the new Windows 7 desktop and it needs to be seen by the other computers in the office so that it can be mapped as a network drive.


Shadowmeph October 5, 2012 05:48 PM

I think that you need to share the hard drive usually just right click on which ever files or folders and share with whom ever

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