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Silent_Avenger September 3, 2012 07:05 PM

Looking for a good wireless smart repeater
Well I believe what I'm looking for is a wireless smart repeater. Here's what I'm basically trying to do.

I currently own 3 desktops and one laptop (will be getting network printer and home server in the near future).

I won't be able to run a wire into my room for reasons obvious in another post I made so what I need is to connect wirelessly to the house network then be able to connect to this access point via wire and possibly wireless. I would also like to have this repeater act more like a router and broadcast it's own network SSID and security settings to keep my devices hidden from the main network.

I was looking into this --> Buy the Amped Wireless High Power Smart Repeater at TigerDirect.ca

which seems to be what I'm looking for. Can anyone suggest something better the reviews on this product seem to be hit and miss. Budget isn't sky is the limit but I am willing to pay for something that will work.

LarkStarr September 3, 2012 07:41 PM

I don't .. think you can mix repeater and router functionalities? Might depend on the router (Dual band?) I feel out of date, someone correct meh!

Any router you can shove DD-WRT (or similar on) Can usually turn into a repeater though, so if you can find an used $20 thing, it should be more then capable to repeat broadcasts.

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