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Madmike2010 November 28, 2011 06:30 PM

Bell Fibreop
Anybody have any real luck using your own router on Bell's Fibreop? I'm advanced dmz from actiontec to my linksys e4200 - problem is every week I have to reset at least once. I just want to take that actiontec piece of dirt out of the loop. As it sux for streaming HD movies around the house via ethernet GB lan....

JMCD November 28, 2011 07:49 PM

IIRC you have to put it in bridge mode. Basically disabling all of the router functions of the modem, that way you can use your own. I don't have a guide handy for the Bell modem, only Rogers.

Madmike2010 November 29, 2011 10:02 AM

e4200 and fibreop
Not so easy my friend - these actiontec modems are extensions of a vpn. DHCP is not the easiest thing to do as RFC 1483 I think it is called ( at work here now ) seems to be the protocol that should be used. I cannot find anything with RFC 1483 for the linksys e4200. I have dd-wrt installed but I cannot find the option....

solaraxix November 29, 2011 11:10 AM

They use different VLANs for different traffic for FibreOp. VLAN 34 is where your Internet traffic comes from and your DHCP address. VLAN 35 is used for the TV service. If you have TV service, all packets on VLAN 35 needs to be tagged with a Class of Service (CoS) of 4 for your TVs/set-tops to work.

I've been able to use my own Vyatta router to connect directly to the FiberOp service. I still use the Actiontec modem/router for my TV service as to be able to use the HPNA connection for my set-top boxes. I have a third NIC in my router to feed the Actiontec modem/router. If I was usin6 the RJ45 ports on the set-top boxes, I wouldn't need to use the Actiontec modem at all. They do sell some RJ45 to HPNA transceivers, but they cost too much compare to using the Actiontec which I don't pay for.

I had the same problem as you when I was using the Advance DMZ. It is possible to reset the DHCP connection without having to reboot, but it's a pain to do: release IP address from router, adisable advance DMZ on Actiontec, release/renew public IP address on the Actiontec, enable advance DMZ on Actiontec, renew IP on your router. Sometimes I had to do it a few times. I didn't have much luck with the bridge mode, but I didn't spend too much time either. If it does work as advertise, it should solve your problem.

I've been using my Vyatta router (it's a PC with 4 nic cards) for a few months now without any problems and I never need to play with DCHPd anymore plus I get a lot better TV and Internet speeds. I don't think the Actiontec router can handle thousands of connections easily. I was having pixilisation on my TV service and I had a hard time pushing 6 MB/s downloads when it should have been 8.7+ MB/s. Now I can get a sustained 8.7 MB/s and I don't have any problems with my TVs anymore.

I was going to use a linksys router and plug it directly into the Alcatel-Lucent switch, but it didn't support the use of VLANs above 15 which made it useless since they FiberOp uses vlans in the 30's. I don't know if the 4200 supports VLANs above 15, but my Linksys 2000 didn't support it without some custom modules. Also for DDWRT, many of the versions out there don't support VLANs above 15 either from an interface perspective since up until recently many routers didn't support more than 15 active VLAN tags in hardware. If your router can support VLANs above 15 with DDWRT, then you should be able to completely bypass the Actiontec router. Otherwise, I would recommend that you get a PC with Linux or a BSD variant and use it to replace the Actiontec router.

KaptCrunch November 29, 2011 11:27 AM

mike what model # of actiontec modem also bell have own firmware

Madmike2010 November 29, 2011 12:17 PM

I will look and post when i get home this evening...

Madmike2010 December 5, 2011 02:34 PM

Sorry about the late response it is an Actiontec R1000H

I have a linksys e4200 behind it now with advanced dmz and it sux bad.... I want the actiontec gone....

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