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CoolHandL October 27, 2011 08:31 PM

Windows Home server Remote configuration Help
Windows Home server Remote Help:
I cant access my whs website or set up Remote

Ive forwarded all my ports HTTP HTTPS RWW on my Dlink DIR655 router to my home server.

I have Shaw net, a surfboard SB5102 Cable modem

When i try to configure my Remote settings on the server console it trys to repair / configure my router
I get the Red X error: Verifying remote website is available for the internet.

UPnP is enabled

My server is on the DHCP Reservation List, what am i missing???????? hours of net research have got me to this point, I'm a network noob,

I thought maybe i was behind a double NAT, but the SB5102 is just a modem....

Ive read: D-Link DIR-655 Router for Windows Home Server Remote Access - HSL Wiki

Remote Access Challenges

and countless other forums .... anybody here?

Need more information?


Arinoth October 28, 2011 04:33 AM

Are you wanting to be able to remotely access it outside of your house, say at work or at school? I know it sometimes can be a pain in the ass, especially RDC, however I found a program I've been using for a few weeks that blows RDC out of the water.

It's called Team Viewer, and thankfully its free to use if it is for house/personal use. It essentially is like RDC, except you don't have to set any of that port forwarded crap up as it does it automatically. All you have to do is log securely into it either with an account that sits on the computer, or via the username and randomly generated password on it. The only downside is I have to switch from Windows Server 2008 to Windows 7 for my own server as even though I'm using WS 2008 for home use, its still flagged as commercial software.

Another great thing is the fact you can access any of your computers with Team Viewer installed (and the computer is on) via android/iPhone app or through its web client (which I use at work as they block standard ports here). I have it installed on my 2 computers (mine and my fiancees), my home server (which will eventually get Win 7 so I can use the software again), and I even installed it on my parents computer so I can remotely access their computer whenever they have computer issues and do it manually, rather then trying to be over the phone tech support for them.

I'd definitely recommend checking it out as like i said, its free for home/personal use, they only charge for commercial usage (ie on corporate licenses of windows)

Shredder October 28, 2011 06:05 AM

:thumb: for teamviewer as an option.
RDC unless used through a vpn connection will send your password out in plain text format to the web, just not cool. I did have a problem installing it on Windows 2003 Server but it was a corporate edition OS.

Varroa October 28, 2011 06:26 AM

Sometimes WHS shows connection errors to the outside when their are none. Give it a try using IE (FF or Chrome won't work) from outside your house and see if you can connect, if you can just ignore the errors (I have been getting them for years but it still works fine for me).

CoolHandL October 28, 2011 07:53 AM

Thanks for the TeamViewer idea, Yes i want to remotely access my server out side my home network but
I'd also like the Windows Home server website to work (to access from work) which it currently does not even inside my home network. Ive tried FF and IE neither work, Ive tried IE from the home server and No dice. I had Server 2008(6 month trial), opted for home server because it was supposed to be easy to set up.... any more insight?

Arinoth October 28, 2011 08:02 AM

I unfortunately can't, but like i said Team Viewer can be used via their web client. As in right now in firefox I can access my home computer and fiddle around on it.

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